TVH is a team of young, energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, trained and experienced media professionals. The ship is manned by seasoned professionals. Fired up youngsters with creative brains rock the boat with sizzling ideas. Stable and matured technical experts and Directors stabilize the boat and production personnel add the steam to power us ahead in our quest to serve corporate sector with fresh, out of the box thinking and adaptation of latest techniques and technologies to deliver results that communicate and impress.

When it comes to quality, we use nothing less than the best and most professional world class equipments in the chain such as Arri, Red and Phantom video equipments that blend into recorders, monitors, audio grabbing equipments and then flow into the editing channel made up of high end computers using the latest in Adobe, FCP, Sony Vegas and Pinnacle Studio in the most sophisticated workflow.



"Learn the rule, and then make your own" is what defines Ms. Deepmala. Free spirited, she is a woman with a mind of her own. Truly a visionary to think far ahead of her times, she is the brain behind inception of The Visual House. A phenomenal director, she has a knack for creating magic on the screen out of nothing. Laced with extraordinary creativity, she is a true catalyst for ideas, who is always keen to experiment with various genres of filmmaking and impeccably transitioning from idea to execution. A remarkable team player and mentor, she has an eye to nurture and bring remarkable talent across the board. Favorite of all team members, she gives her team creative freedom to make new mistakes but insists not to repeat old ones. A lady who defies all stereotypes, she is passionately curious who strive only to create values.

Rakesh Sharma

Senior Editor

A master in his field with over 20 years of experience, he is a strong pillar of The Visual House since its inception. He is an extremely stimulating professional as his colleagues love to call him "perfectionist". He understands the essence of the film and interprets it creatively on the screen, scene after scene. One can see the imprints of his amazing sense of creativity in his every project. His enthusiasm and creative approach has cemented his foothold in the Industry permanently. A learner by spirit, he is still exploring new pastures, looking beyond possibilities. His knack for technology and sense of film crafting makes him the most prolific editing mogul of the industry. He has edited over 400 documentaries, Corporate Films and docu-features. Esteemed clients to his credits include names like DRDO, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry Of Defence, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Power and Energy, HCL, BHEL and list goes on.

Lalit Mohan


Lalit Mohan is another strong pillar of the Visual House and has an eye for details; he loves to work closely with the subject to churn out the content of the film. Camera being his prime area of expertise, he can handle and operate the wide range of video cameras from celluloid to HD Formats. He understands his subject and can synchronizes it well with the details. He knows how to recreate the director’s vision into the motion picture and has the ability to bring it’s aesthetically on the screen. In the span of over more than 15 years, has worked in every sphere of film-making from television-series, documentaries, and corporate films to interviews. He keeps tab on all the latest technology that hit the market and is a dedicated focused professional with "eagle eye".

Rajesh Sharma

Operations Manager

A strategic thinker and born leader, he is responsible for facilitating smooth functioning of the organization. From managing day to day activities, analyzing statistics and liaisoning with clients, he keeps tabs on everything. Keeping business in flow, he is responsible for improving performance, productivity, efficiency of the team through the implementation of effective methods and strategies.

Kadir Rana

Associate Director

He comes with more than 6 years of experience in the field. His core strength area lies adding up substantial value to every project undertaken by him. Passionate about his work he switches to different jobs and different tasks as required. Equally active in pre-production, production and post-production, he plays an instrumental role in building and maintaining the relationship with the clients and managing projects. A big time dreamer, his outgoing nature and aesthetic sense with ardent desire to deliver project on time is what we love. Obsessive about work, his DNA is a perfect fusion of creativity and technology. A committed and dedicated professional, he delivers the most complex projects with the most challenging deadline with ease. Easily approachable he enjoys good repo among his team mates.

Sudhanshu Saini

Senior Editor

Always focused and calm, his aesthetic sense is remarkable. Innovative, multitalented and exceptional thinker with skills ranging from graphic designing, after effects to FCP, he has a creative understanding requisite for extraordinary work. Quite experimental in his approach, it’s absolutely bliss to see his finger running on keyboard focusing on the outcome. A go-getter, problem solver, he never misses any opportunity to astonish clients with his visually slick composition on the screen. Definitely, he is winning combination of creativity and technical excellence.

Archana Chamoli

Creative Consultant, Writer

A born writer and enthusiastic, her ability to capture imagination & creativity to the words commendably, makes her the most prized possession of the The Visual House. Happily called Word Smith by the team, she knows how to craft the magic spell of words. With a one goal in mind of bringing client vision on the paper, she crafts and chisels her words around the subject. She has ability to read between the lines and step into the shoes of the client turning their imagination into reality. She understands client requirements like a cat knows where the fish is and translates exactly as conceived by the client. A keen listener, and observer, you just need to brief her your idea and then see how she gives words to them. Highly dedicated and committed to her work, she believes in excellence and is perfect mix of creativity and experience.

Hema Thakur

Assistant Director- Writing & Direction

Her love affair with creativity started in her early adolescent. An enthusiastic book lover & occasional writer, she believes that creating something creative is the highest form of meditation. A workaholic by nature, she believes in giving her best shot. As a creative consultant, she always strives to add something valuable to every project. When not working, she might be scribing poems, sketching, reading screen plays or sipping on her coffee.

Sahil Dahiya

Graphic Designer

Graduate in Animation and Graphics, Sahil is full of energy and ideas , he associate Chandan in his projects. Being a novice to the field of animation & graphics, his enthusiasm for learning is incredible. Getting trained under Chandan, he is a Caterpillar who is ready to take his flight in the sky of success.

Gursimran Jassal

Assistant Director- Sales & Marketing

Friendly and accommodative, she is always full of energy and creative ideas. Her ability to multitask makes her the most valuable possession of The Visual House. Either its managing clients to handling shoots, she knows how to get her work done. Sincere and hard working, she is a keen learner who is ready to explore the uncharted aspects of filmmaking. Don’t get smitten by her lovely smile, she is a hardcore professional, who is always ready to roll her sleeves up to take on any challenge.

Devender Bhatt

Assistant Direction-Communication Strategies

He is the gentleman of TVH family. Silent but thoughtful, he is the man with never say die spirit. Passionate about his work, he works diligently on every project and comes up with the ideas that blow your mind. Expert in developing, planning, strategizing and managing communication strategies for both print and electronic campaigns, he never fails to spark magic with his amazing sense of visualization. No doubt, in a very short time he has earned a reputation of the most reliable team member.

Subhash Chander

Supporting Staff

He is very important and the most reliable member of the TVH family. From taking care of official work to providing support to the production team he is the lifeline of The Visual House. Simple and humble in nature he is quite popular among the team members.

Shah Veer

Supporting Staff

Always smiling, he makes sure that our office looks spic and span all the time. Responsible for managing all the in-house activities, he takes care of every team member with great enthusiasm. Always on his toe, his calm and humble nature makes him the best-suited guy for the job.