The Visual House is an award-winning agency known for creating remarkable ideas and campaigns for its clients. The journey has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. We knew that moving forward our challenges are going to be unique and eccentric but we were ready and prepared to take the road less traveled. Over the years we have grown into 50+ passionate individuals who believe in ideating, curating, and executing strategies to create a niche in this cluttered marketplace. We are driven by our innate desire to give a soul to your brand as we believe that just like you and us “a brand is a living thing”.

We are the Brand Custodian for your brand who transform basic substances into aesthetic and pre-eminent forms. We transmute the ordinary to extraordinary work of art. We create identities, build brands, drive interactions and get results for your brand.

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We are the Visionaries at work. We want to be the most accountable & reliable storytellers in the world of communication.


Our mission is to be Creative, Positive & Productive to help you craft greater experiences for your audience.

CEO’s Message

If you don’t get an opportunity, create one!

And when you believe in something, you should follow through, take action, set goals, and then strive to achieve them. With that belief, I founded TVH - The Visual House, in 2011. It started as a film production house and has since evolved into an integrated communication agency that works for the development sector, government, and various brands, providing comprehensive communication solutions. Different challenges, problems, solutions, and learnings have helped us stand tall today. We are proud of where we are, with a solid reputation, great clients, referral business, a strong team, and an unwavering passion to learn and grow more and more. At TVH we always believe in delivering creative solutions, crafting compelling stories with the utmost quality, and keeping on our commitments. There is a lot more to achieve and we are just getting started!

Awards & Accolades