Celebrating 12 years of TVH Journey

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that step we took 12 years back when TVH started off as a production house. Over the years, we have crossed several milestones to emerge into an integrated communication agency in Delhi/NCR and recently, we added another feather to our cap when TVH became Visual House India Pvt. Ltd.

Taking this opportune moment to reflect on the past and glance over the future, we want to thank all our employees, clients, and partners, who have been instrumental in bringing us to where we are today.

Our Journey

Our incredible journey started in 2010 when our CEO & Founding Director, Deepmala, decided to give wings to her dreams. Charged with an irrestible zeal and a thirst to learn and grow in the field of media, she started off as a News Reporter and then worked as an Assistant Director as well as an Associate Director with reputed production houses to pursue her passion of filmmaking. Creativity and ambition never took the dip and her undying love for Bollywood made sure that she ventures the path undeterred by the hurdles that will come along her way.

Crafting films in the non-fiction genre is initially what we did but with the passage of time, developing communication strategies and campaigns, radio jingles, event management and providing designing and printing services have all become our forte. We have recently plunged into the realms of fiction with our short film, titled, 'EK Jhalak', which is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV.

Creativity, Positivity and Productivity resonates in each and every project we handle and the same essence is reflected in all our employees. As professionals in the creative field, we have always tried to be quality-oriented, effective, and creative in presenting deliverables to our clients. For us, quality triumphs all.

Our journey as a production house and integrated communication agency has been a roller coaster ride, with its own highs and several lows. We are not unscathed, but surely unstaggered and unwavering. We have the ability to learn from our own mistakes as well as those of others, which helps us to grow each day. We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to our clients and their preferences and our dedicated team of creative professionals make sure to provide creative solutions at each step.

It feels good to be appreciated

Gratitude and appreciation are important facets of our lives and owing to our in-depth research, planning, and execution, we have earned several laurels including

  • Dada Saheb Phalke Awards for Best Emerging Ads, Documentary and Short Films Production House
  • Emerging Company Award for Outstanding achievements in Business and Social Services from Indian Achievers Forum
  • Certificate of Merit for Ek Koshish in short fiction category, New Delhi Film Festival 2018
  • Best Digital Content Award for CSR films, "Hues of Progress, Asian Paints" from Talent Track, Mumbai.

What We Believe In

Visual House India Pvt. Ltd. believes that there is no substitute for hard work and we strive for perfection and pay attention to the minutest detail in every project we undertake. The competency we show in problem solving, time management and delivering what has been promised, bears the testimony of our work culture. We believe that our prowess in taking responsibility, being approachable and work commitment have brought us to where we are today.

Thank You to our Employees and Clients

Along the way, we have had the opportunity of working with many outstanding professionals, to whom we are greatly indebted. We are grateful beyond words for the dedication each of them has shown and have treasured every single contribution made by them. We also deeply acknowledge the unshakable faith, our clients have shown in us, which has instilled a spirit of confidence that together we have made this journey and we surely hope to continue so.

The Visual House is a fully integrated creative communication agency and corporate Video & Film Production Company in Delhi NCR, India that helps organizations to manage their brands and connect their target audiences effectively. At TVH, we blend the insights of consulting with the execution to provide long-term communication solutions to our clients. Our work spans across a multitude of the genres, clients and socio-culture issue and themes. Our core services comprise Video Production, Communication Management, Event Management, Corporate Filmmakers, Documentary Film. and Designing & Printing all backed by effective communication and marketing plan.

TVH is where creativity confluences with absolute professionalism fused with technical perfection. TVH is a prominent short & Ad Filmmakers in Delhi NCR and serving the national as well as overseas clients through a variety of film production services as well as branding , IEC materials and marketing collaterals design offerings.

As one of the finest Corporate film production company in Delhi NCR we bring creativity, originality and flair to enhance brand images of our clients. As the best Corporate film production company in Delhi, we further strategic business goals, brand building, image creation and marketing campaigns of our corporate clients. Moreover, as one of the top Corporate Film Production Company in Delhi NCR, India we have been working since years to inform, educate and transform through visionary translation of concepts into striking imagery melded with sound.

For us each client and their aspirations are different. If we are one of the leading communication management agency, it is because much thought goes into each concept fueled by imagination, cross bred with innovation and tempered by creativity to come up with something that is standout in result, something that endures in impact and converts mindsets. We keep in mind our client’s interests and his desire to succeed in a crowded market place. All our creative talents are applied to their success.

Responsible for our creative brilliance and reputation as one of the Ad Film Production House in delhi, India are our teams of cameramen with pizzazz, directors and scriptwriters with flair, DOPs and cameramen with insightful vision and producers who bring it all together to deliver results in record time. Individual talent combines with solid teamwork backed by the finest in equipments handled by wizards be it operating the camera, post production, lighting, sound or editing. Nothing less than the best is used to deliver results that match global standards of video production.

If you are looking for the best Short Filmmakers in Delhi NCR based to create ad films, corporate films, informational videos, documentaries, audio-visuals and media, this is your first and last stop. Give us an idea of what you want. We take it up from there.

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