LOGO Designing

A good logo is the stepping-stone to creating your brand identity. Think Chanel, McDonald’s or Coca Cola. The first image that comes to your mind when you read the names of these brands are the logos of these companies. Which is why, a logo can oftentimes make or break a product.

Why do we use a Logo?

In one word – Brand Association. Using a logo is basically you using an image as a stand in for your brand or your product. This image needs to be powerful enough to evoke certain sentiments or communicate some meaning to the audiences. That is what makes a good and powerful logo.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

Our thumb rule when creating logos is to keep it as simple as possible. The logo should be easily identifiable and memorable.

Unique and Distinguished

Good branding needs to be unique to help the users distinguish one product from another.

Relevant and Trendy

It is useful to tap into the minds of the target audiences when creating a logo. This helps in making relevant designs which help in easy identification and association.

One Logo Fits All

To use a logo on different platforms – as billboards or in newspapers and digital media, the design needs to be such that logo remains identifiable when enlarged or reduced.

We at The Visual House follow all these rules to create memorable, distinguished logos which tell a story – your story. As a leading Branding agency in Delhi NCR, we have lots of experience in logo branding. Our team of designers and artists are always ready to brainstorm with you and come with a design that best suits your requirements.