A Marketing Tool Called Jingles

Have you ever rhymed to the beat of a commercial music being played on, especially on your car’s FM player? They are commercials but they still give you music to the ear, don’t they? These are jingles giving you profound and clear messages. These jingles are not merely entertainments but are, in fact, infomercials.

So, what if we use these jingles for taking your business to the next level, the success that you crave for? Jingles are a traditional form of marketing designed for effective conveying of messages. They are efficacious in communication, and have stood the test of time. Jingles in Radio and FM channels provide an excellent platform to create your brand awareness and enforce your message on others. They are informative, repetitive and leave your message in people’s minds for long periods. And no wonder the reasons for the thriving of the audio production companies, especially the jingle makers like us.

We, The Visual House, is a jingle production company that makes soothing, heart throbbing and powerfully crafted message jingles. We are an authorized visual and audio production company that stands out from the rest.

But how are these radio jingles important for your company? What can it really do to make your business grow? Well, here are 7 facts on how jingles can be an effective tool for marketing.

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1. Extensive Coverage: Our country India has over 37 All India Radio stations in addition to a few local stations, thus having a combine reach of over 97 % of the population. Besides, there are 97 FM transmitters which cover about 52 % of the population, mainly concentrating in the urban areas. Apparently, radio has a staggering coverage in India. So, to establish your brand’s presence in the market, using radio jingles to spread your message won’t be a bad decision. 

2. Remembrance/Recall: Radio jingles are potent reminders. The message and slogan of a jingle imprint on people’s minds for long periods. 

3. Pervasiveness: Advertising is pervasive, so are radio jingles. From the advertisements that come before the morning news on television to the radio jingle that pop up in your car’s FM player, you are constantly bombarded with information. This bombardment of information is an effective way for building brand awareness. 

4. Customising Message: One of the important characteristics of a radio jingle is the mixing of slogans with music. You can add a catchy phrase, your contact information and address. Nothing can be more powerful to create your brand awareness than a catchy message.

5. Brand Building: People associate certain messages and slogans with their brands. This is an effective way to distinguish your brand from other competitors as making distinctions is a prerequisite for brand building. Hence a radio jingle with a catchy message really helps.

6. Audience Selection: As business requires a certain target audience, radio jingles offer a perfect platform for the same. Specific target audience should be reached through the right message in the right channel. Radio jingles intended for the rural populace can be done through the AM channels, likewise, the FM for the urban areas.

7 Emotional Connection: Jingles create emotional connection with the listeners. And there’s no better way for a brand to succeed than creating an emotional connection with them. 

As companies and NGOs engage in making jingles for brand and social awareness, we recommend a few insights into jingle audio production. The best way to produce a jingle for your brand or organization is to hire professionals in the audio production companies. There are various reputed jingle makers in the market who can have your job done in a cost-effective way. As proficient professionals, they can apply magic for your jingle. If you insist for personal production, here are some key points to note.

Steps for Effective Radio Jingle for Marketing:

1. Captivate Your Audience: Make your slogans catchy and captivating. As effective as radio jingles are for creating brand awareness, it can be destructive with a wrong choice of music and message. This will have a devastating effect given the amount you spent for the time slots.  

2. Make Distinction: Be simple in presenting your product from other competitors. Your message should be different as your products are.

3. Deliver Message Quickly: Deliver your message in the first few seconds as radio slots are usually 30-60 seconds. People switch channels if their programs are interrupted. Try to leave them a message.

4. Pleasant Voiceovers: Your presentation of the message should be clear and pleasant.                                                                                                

Why - The Visual House

If you are looking for an audio production company for your jingles, look no further beyond. We, the Visual house, are a production house engaged in making films, videos, and audio production. We are jingle makers and have done for a variety of clients across various genres. As a video and audio production company with engagement in marketing and communication, we have your needs covered.

Hire us for your radio jingle. We’ll make your jingles that make you move. Our professionals can articulate your message in the shortest time frame and crystal-clear manner. As jingle makers, we have served numerous clients including the UNICEF and NACO. Engaging with us, we can create a formidable bond advantageous for your future projects too.

And hey, do not worry about the budget as we produce in the most cost-efficient manner. We’ve tons of copyright music suitable for all types of genre. We assure you an awe-striking radio jingle that attract customers, build brand loyalty and win against your competitors in this cut throat competitive market world.

Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

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05 February, 2021


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