Roles of Behind-the-Scene Crew Members in a Video Production Team
  • Published On: 24 December, 2020 | Updated On: 11 January, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

Roles of Behind-the-Scene Crew Members in a Video Production Team

Any video production is a team process that requires different individuals with expertise in their respective fields to work together as a crew for ensuring a smooth production process. From pre- to post-production, all the members should be in sync with each other, work must be divided and their roles should be clearly defined and followed. The Visual House is one of the best production houses in India and with over a decade of experience in producing fiction, non-fiction, short films and documentaries, we know all about behind the scene necessities and most common roles of crew members and we are more than happy to share with you the same. But before that let’s see what is the importance of crew members in a production team. We often focus on who is the director of the film, who is the cast involved in the filming, who has done the screenplay. These are all above the line crew members we keep our eyes intact at. But there are many other crew members without whom the film won’t be a success. The camera person, the editor, the animator, graphic artist, art directors, production assistants, make-up artists, gaffers, DI/colourists; etc all carry weight over their shoulder to make a film stand in the crowd with its shining colours. For each and every video scene shot all the crew members of the film unit are important.  

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  1. Producer: Being one of the best production houses in Delhi, we work with all types of big and small budget production and there is no denying the importance of the producer of a film. A producer is the leader of any project and he or she is responsible for assembling the team and ensuring the development of the film. From ideation, scripting to post-production, the producer and her team are an integral part of each step and it is their responsibility not only to make sure of the coordination between all the other crew members but also to ensure that schedule and budget are maintained throughout the film making process.
  2. Director: While the producer is responsible for every aspect of a project, a director is mainly there for the filmmaking and is accountable for the shooting and structure of the film. A director works as a leader for bringing out the vision of the film and the best out of every crew member. So, in a sense, the director is the leader of the project and has all the artistic responsibilities directly tied to him or her. It is also important to understand that while a director has artistic freedom, theoretically, a producer can overrule the director upon any matter as it is the producer who hires the director.
  3. Scriptwriter- From story to dialogues, a scriptwriter prepares the skeleton of a film, which then is transformed into a film by the director with the help of other crew members. Storyboard artist prepares sketches after reading the script which further lets directors come closer to their vision.
  4. Art director- Everything related to setting, interior, landscapes or props are the responsibility of an art director and its team.
  5. Costume and make-up: As the name suggest, they are mainly there for the costumes of characters and for maintaining consistent looks not only for aesthetics, but also for continuity.
  6. Lighting and cinematography: One of the most essential teams is lighting and cinematography. Everything depends on them as they are the core group of behind-the-scenes members responsible for the shoot and the footage.
  7. Editor: It is on the editor’s table where all the different footage and aspects come together to make a film. Although guided by the producer’s and director’s vision, an editor still has a lot to do and it is the editor’s work that can make or break your entire project. As one of the best production houses in Delhi, we always make sure that editing is top notch for every project.
  8. Sound and music: Half of a film is visuals and another half is the sound and music, so needless to say music plays a vital part in making emotions work and ensuring the movie is appealing.
  9. Executive Producers – An executive producer plays a very important role in film production as they are the ones who secure at least 25 percent of the funding and name recognition to the film via their sources. 
  10. Script Supervisor – In a production team, the script supervisor is the one who closely works with the director and keeps making the notes briefed by the director while the scenes are shot. These notes are then handed over to the editors to make their job easy as it consists of continuity and several takes of information to make the editor choose the best clipping to proceed with the work.
  11. Production Assistant (PA) – The behind the scene life of crew members revolves around the production assistant as they play the role of linkage between the above-the-line crew and below-the-line crew. Often witnessed with a walkie-talkie along with them, they are the ones who help and take care of every crew member’s need.

These are some of the crew members that hold the major responsibility in delivering the best output of a film.


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