How to Create Animation Videos that are Visual Feast

An idea or a concept in the form of an animated video with perfect aesthetics of elements, a perfect cut with flawless transitions, and soundtrack that moves the story ahead could be visually appealing.

Let’s dive deep into the creation of such videos and understand How to create animation videos that are visual feasts.

In the digital era, everyone has a cell phone, where they can stream whatever they want to and can even create any type of content, be it an animation video or live action. But when it comes to creating a video professionally there is a certain procedure that is followed.

Let's take a quick brief on animation videos and it’s history, before moving on.

Animation is a unique and effective way to convey an idea in the form of a video without shooting the actual scene. Such videos are created with the help of animation software and different types of animation formats including 2D and 3D animation. And all this is done with the help of a professional animator who is well-versed in animation software and techniques.

Animators create the characters according to the requirements and create various frames and objects with the help of editing softwares.

History of animation in India

You may be surprised to know that in the early stages of the Indian film industry, Dadasaheb Phalke, K.S. Gupte, and G.K. Gokhale used to be a pioneer of early animation in India.

Raghunath K. Jambu Kaka by Kelkar and The Piya Brother by Gunmay Banerjee are two popular animated shorts of that time.

Clearly, animation has its own history in India, and clearly animated videos have evolved with technology and became one of the most popular methods of communication with the target audience.

Animation in Commercial Industries

Since animated videos have been popular since their inception, our requirements and useage of animation videos has baan changing continuously. Earlier it was used primarily for entertainment but as animated videos become popular among viewers and public it gradually became the trending way of communication for commercial industries as well to promote their products and services.

Let’s come to the agenda of the blog which was how to create animation videos that are a visual feast

A few questions arise in our mind when it comes to creating visual feast videos, such as, ‘how to make an animated video using the correct animation method’, ‘who can help us create an appealing animation video’, and ‘how it helps our business’. The answer to all of these questions is -
If you are a student and are willing to learn 2D and 3D animation, you can watch video tutorials and start learning the basics of animation software. Once you learn the basics of the software, keep practicing it.

If you are a business tycoon and wants to showcase the versatility of your brand, product, and services you have to opt for a creative agency that has an experienced team to create animated videos as per your requirements to tap on your target audience with a good quality video and clear communication.

Let's talk about video animation companies

Now we know we need a creative agency to make a visual feast animation video, we should know about the personnel of the creative agency. A creative agency has many professionals having multiple duties. In terms of animation video, you need a scriptwriter, animation directors, 2D and 3D animators, and other personnel who help to execute your idea into the animation. But making an eye-catching animation video has various animation steps that can also be referred to as the animation process.

Let's talk about "Types of animation video"

1- 2D Animation

2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, frames and backgrounds. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time.

2- 3D Animation

A character that has height, width, and depth is known as a 3D object, and a video that is created with the help of a 3D object is known as a 3D animated video. It is a computer-generated video with the help of software.

Creating a 3D video is quite similar to a shoot a video so it also needs a story, place, action, and lighting. The animator in a 3D animation video uses a set of software to move the character's body parts around. When all of the character's pieces are set in a proper way and move exactly as the animator wants them to move. Moving further, the animator creates the digital frames and gives the animation the final touch with the help of software.

3- Whiteboard animations

The increasing demand for content consumption makes whiteboard animation popular. With whiteboard animation, you can explain anything to your viewers, as a teacher used to do in our school times. Creating the whiteboard animation needs software and an animator who is well-versed in the whiteboard animation process.

4- Motion graphics

Motion graphics are animation or digital films that give the impression of motion or rotation. Motion graphics are usually used in multimedia projects along with the audio. Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer. It is also used to create ads, and title sequences for videos as well as for films. So these are a few popular types of animation videos that you can choose from according to your requirements.

Apart from these, other types of animation videos can be explainer video animation, Instructional video animation, animation videos in form of short films, brand animation videos, corporate animation videos, and 3D product demo animation videos.

Now come to the animation process or animation steps

As you read earlier that you need a creative agency to create an animation video and now you are familiar with the personnel and types of animation videos. let's talk about the process.

Once you are clear about which type of video you need to showcase your brand. You should know how a creative agency works, what animation process they use, and what steps they take to create a visual feast video with detailed animation steps.

The first and foremost process for animation video is to create an idea that converts your requirements into the form of a story that conveys the concept to a potential audience in the simplest way. You can also create ideas with the help of creative personnel from creative agencies. After the idea, you have to clarify what kind of video is suited to your product. Either you can find the reference video for your product or you can take the help of the creative personnel.

Animation process in the cubical of a creative agency!

You are familiar with creating an animation video with the help of a video animation company is quite similar to the filmmaking process starting with research to reaching the final video, only the sooting part is replaced with Animations.

Animation steps -


Once you hand over your requirements to a creative agency. The creative agency starts doing research for your competitors and also for your target audiences. This research helps them to understand your product and find out an idea that revolves around your product. If you already have an idea you can tell the agency that you hired.


Once you are satisfied with the proposed idea by the agency, the writer starts jotting down the blueprint for your animation video that consists of each step of the story on paper.

After preparing the script the concerned person verifies the script with you once you are satisfied with the script moves further for the voice-over process.


Storyboarding is a process where a storyboard the artist sketches characters - how a character looks, what he or she wears, which look is more compatible according to the story, and how the story moves further in terms of visuals.

Voice over

Once you are satisfied with the script and its changes the script is sent to a voice-over artist who records different voices for different characters and makes it more attractive with the use of voice editing software. If your story is without dialogue then this step is not considered.


This animation process plays a crucial role in making a visual feast video with the help of software, the artist animates characters according to the story. Here the animator also uses VFX if required.


In this process, the animator syncs the audio with the animated video and adds SFX if required to make your video more appealing and a visual feast.

How does animation video benefit business?

In today's world of marketing strategies, video is a potential tool to make your company stand out. Also with the help of video marketing you may drive traffic to your website and various social media networks. Constantly posting videos promotes your brand and can help you turn visitors into paying customers.

Duration of animation video

For the benefit of your potential viewers, you must be aware of the length of the animation video because it plays a significant role to grab the attention of target audiences.

  • 15 seconds, short-form animation video, good for looping ads
  • 30 seconds, standard form, good for ads, looping or not
  • 60 seconds, long-form, good for explainer videos
  • 90 seconds, extra long form, good for an in-depth explainer video and telling the brand story.

Hope you get the answer to all your questions including the animation process, animation steps, how to create animated videos, how to animate in processing, short animation videos, and how to do animation in video and video animation companies.

Still hunting for anything else you can read our other blogs.

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