7 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos are Best for Startups

In today’s world where we are literally fed with exposure all around, it is difficult to catch the customer’s eye. If you are in any way aware of the marketing world, you would know that videos are golden key that will open your door to success. As most people find videos an easy way to understand the functioning of their product, it is the easiest way to market your products and brand.

Animated Explainer Videos- a short marketing video that demonstrates how your services or products function. In recent times, companies have complete departments that produce fresh how- to video content, but most start-ups lack such resources to the same and thus Animated Explainer Videos are here for their rescue.

These explainer videos are created to generate interest and excitement about what your company has to offer. Startups face the challenge of creating their name in the market and these videos are the perfect way to gain attention, create interest and increase business.

The following 7 reasons will drive you to make your Animated Explainer Video now!                                                                                                           

1. Engage your Target Audience

The Animated Explainer Videos are an amazing way to create interest while presenting an easy way to demonstrate your product or service, which they can easily grasp. These videos are an easy tool to show how your product functions from start to end. We specify animated video here because a regular real life shot video may have a chance to be forgotten easily due to low impact and any video that is intended to present the company must have a professional outlook. The impact of these explainer video on the target audience is long lasting and easy to understand how the product functions. 

2. Mobile Compatible

In this busy life where we are always on the go, the animated explainer videos are a great tool as they are desktop and mobile friendly. As the attention span is diminishing it is difficult to keep your audience engaged, therefore these animated explainer videos are developed to deliver maximum in minimum time with a controlled content. The animated explainer videos are lighter in size, easy to load and extremely easier to share.

3. Boost your Social Media Presence

With more number of people viewing your product functioning through the animated explainer video, there are more number of chances for people to view these videos. As the modern era is moved by what goes on social media, videos are the perfect way to make your social media page look bright and exciting. Having videos about your products on social media is an incredible tool that could promote your name in your customers as they are extremely easy to share. Research suggests that videos on social media top the charts for sharing content as compared to images and texts.

4. Great for both visual and auditory learners

While communicating with an audience, most people learn through either visual or auditory senses. An animated explainer video is perfect to tap into both! Creating an animated helps to communicate in both types- where the visual supports the narrator, making it easy to understand what is going on the video and still keeping the audience engaged.

5. Improve Rankings and build Brand Awareness

Animated explainer videos are an excellent tool to keep the viewers on your site, stay for a longer period of time, thus helping you rank higher on Google. Since Google has made SEO a prime way to get more viewership and business, having animated explainer videos on your site will always increase your chances of being up in the game.

In spite of all your marketing efforts, animated explainer videos are an amazing way to enhance visibility and interaction. As the market is flooded with competition creating your name in the market can be difficult for a startup. By adding animated explainer videos on your social media account and landing page you will increase your brand awareness to a soaring height.

6. Set Yourself apart

Competition on the internet is pouring in from all corners of the world and to catch the eyeballs you must present your data in a unique way. Assuming that people would want to view your content without you making any effort is BIG mistake. Until you create your own unique identity your brand will remain where you started from. So creating content that can go viral and is unique should be top priority.

7. Can be fixated in Memory and create Mass Interest

From psychological research it is evident that we remember more when more number of senses is tapped into and an explainer video is a perfect combination of visual and auditory senses. Thus using these videos will lead to the video being retained in the memory for a longer period of time as compared to text and image based content.  Videos have always got more viewership than other mediums due its simple and relatable material thus these explainer videos have mass interest and can get your startup the name you strive to get in the market.

Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

05 February, 2021


05 February, 2021


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