2D Animation: Why It's Still Relevant in A 3D World

In a 3D world that we are living in, this debate has been going on and on which is better 2D or 3D animation. But neither 2D animation nor 3D animation is better as they both have their respective place.

What is a 2D animation and how does it work?

  • It is simply the illusion of movements which is created for sequencing the individual drawings together and placed in a quick succession. Best example is a flipbook for such animation.
  • Thanks to the technological advancements that we have good software such as Adobe After Effects which has made animation much more simpler and time saving that lets animators of 2D animation company create animations within minutes unlike week long time in earlier days.

Though we have been seeing that the frequency of 2D animated films has been declining and reason might be that 3D animation films have more detailed, complex and realistic visuals than 2D has but that isn’t the end of 2D animation.

  • 2D animation agency still has a lot to offer in the field of mobile gaming, commercials and TV Series. With a huge demand for fresh content, technology advancements and more and more number of streaming platforms now in the market has made 2D animation much more required than the earlier times.
  • Every animator now has a lot of opportunities to experiment with new styles and formats to tell original and unique stories.
  • And this goes in trend currently; 2D animation industry is on a transforming mode and has much more to deliver than the 3D animation.
  • The best 2D animation company is still very much appreciated as 2D animation play a vital role in core parts of multiple sectors of industry. If we name the major industry departments here who use animation as a necessary part in their business we have various e-commerce sites, e-books, entertainment and education based channels in the top list.
  • What matters the most here is creative 2D animated videos like 2D animation explainer videos and good illustrations which are used as an essential tool of marketing and brand promotion in the best possible way – be it a funny one or something out of the box and interesting form!
  • Both nationally and internationally, there is an increase in demand for 2D animators which is simply a boon for 2D animation companies as well as 2D animators. Various OTT platforms require more and more 2D animation content for their streaming channels and as there is a rise in competition so almost every 2D animation agency is supposed to deliver their best of best quality work.

There are certain wrong notions that people follow blindly regarding 2D animation and question about its future.

  • 3D animation consumes lesser time in comparison to 2D animation and also it is faster and easy to create whereas in reality 3D images are majorly computer generated and one should not forget that 3D animation is just a depth creator in 2D animation. In 2D animation one needs to draw pieces of characters one after the other so as to create ease in animation process.
  • Next is 2D animation is just for kids whereas most of the 2D movies, cartoons, advertisements and motion pictures have a huge audience viewership. Hence 2D animation won’t be facing any downfall as it is on a thriving mode! For example if we talk about 2D animation explainer videos, it is now a requirement for almost all the sectors of our market industry to promote their respective brands, products and services.

Also we can’t neglect the fact that 2D animation ranks at a higher position in the world of advertisement and media. 2D animation has a lot of diversity to offer which lets an animator experiment more and create new styles according to one’s creativity.

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Now if we discuss about the pros of 2D animation then let me tell you that as videos are most easy to be shared -

  • All 2D animation videos are convenient to share and help businesses have better reach. Thus it helps in the promotions and marketing work as an asset.
  • Another important factor is it is an easy and fast way to communicate your message to the vast audience.
  • Then it also makes influencing the target audience easier as the more vibrant, colourful , aesthetic and quirky content you produce via any 2D animation video, the more chances increase of clicking the customers’ interest.
  • One more important fact about 2D animation is that it is way more cheaper to produce which is again a budget conscious factor for many people.

So when you get associated with a best 2D animation company, half of your work gets simplified there itself. So, in this regard 2D animation is still relevant in a 3D world!

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Future of digital platforms

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