Be selective while choosing a production company
  • Published On: 18 August, 2021 | Updated On: 12 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

Be selective while choosing a production company

How does a production company work?

Production houses have an eminent role in the process of filmmaking. Whenever we plan up a shoot, be it any documentary, fictional projects, music videos, corporate films, animation films, television commercials, travel shows, food shows or lifestyle shows, short films, spots and other varieties, what we always look at, is the production company. A production house plays an integral part for any project as it is the parent of the video content. From production plan to set up, designing and shoot preparation, process of production and during post production everything depends on the production company as equipment budget facilities everything will be looked after by them. And there are so many production houses now that one gets confused which one to opt for.

Member’s role & responsibility in any production house –

Any video production company needs to decide whether to hire full time employees for their production house or opt for freelancers at first place according to the financial stability and respective business plan. From directors to script writers to editors and cinematographers, it is required to plan who will be a part of the company either for long term or for a short term. This also includes any business partners who have planned to join up with for the better growth and success of this business. And not to forget, a production accountant too! It is very important to have dedicated employees at respective roles to take care and handle the different stages of the production. And it doesn’t end here, you need to have marketers, promoters, social media managers to handle the company's reputation and image, and promote the projects at different platforms and levels.

How to select the best production house?

So when we think about the best production house, your first priority should be to develop a brief that comprises all your objectives, important key pointers as it gives you the clarity of what deliverable you should expect from the production house. Now moving onto the next thing you should consider for any good production house is their portfolio. Their quality & style both can be understood better with the help of their portfolio.

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After that we can cross check with the previous clients of the production company to get to know how they perform, deliver the deliverables, and their punctuality. Next step is to consider their experience and flexibility. With great experiences and creative minds you can always expect a good quality of work from the company. One more important aspect of judging any production house is the budget. Budget for every project varies and so does the output. Also the needs and requirements in the film changes according to the finances involved in the movie.

Look beyond the showreel of the company as how their content has worked on different platforms, how much engagement and curiosity it has generated among the audience. Understanding how your project will be managed by the production house is also one of the most important parts to be aware about when selecting any best production house. One more thing is related to marketing & promotions, whether the production house is great in this department as well or not, how fruitful their contribution will be in your video content to gain more attractions of the audience also should be considered.


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