Why film marketing & promotion important

Why film marketing & promotion important

  • Aug 10, 2021 by Pragyansini Kar
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Cinema has no boundaries. Films are one of the best forms of art that connect with multiple people. We have witnessed the films growing from large equipment set up to handy setup, from black & white reels to colourful screens. Many movies are made every year, from short films to long length feature films, big banner commercial films and so on, with a mixture of entertainment, great ideas, creative execution and strong imagination. When all these elements are mixed up and showcased together, a movie’s fate is destined, whether it will be successful or won’t make up to the mark. Various films here can be a fresh piece or maybe the continuous sequel or even remake at times. But do we know what makes any film successful? How does any film production company work to make their movie successful? Film marketing & promotion plays a very integral part in for any film to become successful! The high budget movies that are made might earn from peanuts to some handful amount but it won’t get the fame and will fade away with passing time, which anyway is not worth making a film.

For a film production house, it is very important to get their film to reach a massive amount of movie-loving audience and then earn fame and monetary gains from the film delivered by them. This can happen only when the right type of marketing and promotion activities are set before and post the film's release. If you remember, attractive movie posters were made earlier that were majorly placed on so many public places to attract more audience towards the film. Currently, we not only have posters but great hoardings, eye-catchy teasers and promising trailers of the film on almost every social media platform to pull in more viewers. In this, a short glimpse of the movie, the star cast involved, directors & producers along with the release date of the movie are mentioned.


How Production House Does Film Marketing & promotion

The best film production house will opt-in for excellent film marketing & promotion campaigns. And just a reminder, these marketing campaigns are not just restricted to the posters or teasers of the film. These campaigns are planned in such a way to cover the maximum amount of areas to promote the movie and lift its reach to a considerable extent. There are certain movies that are festival centric or specific theme centric or at times, seasonal ones so these factors are calculated for the release date of the movie or their first look, or teasers or trailer launch. Few months before the release of the films, these teasers and trailers land upon almost all digital media platforms and other media platforms as well to create curiosity among the audience about the film. And this is how engagement is build up with strong marketing and promotional activities.

If you go ideally, the marketing campaigns are not only designed for the target audience but also the non-targeted viewers which help in gaining more attention. The advantage of good publicity helps a film production company to get their profit even if the movie fails to fulfil audience’s expectation as the money invested in promotions of the movie is gained back with the curiosity created among the interested audience, the tickets purchased or money invested in subscription of various platforms to watch the movie.


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