Blockchain explainer videos: The subtle art of establishing a powerful brand image
  • Published On: 02 February, 2023 | Updated On: 03 February, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

Blockchain explainer videos: The subtle art of establishing a powerful brand image

Do you know how technology plays a significant role in upgrading businesses?

Don’t know? Let's talk about it…

We are living in a digital era where technology plays a significant role in the advancement of business modules. Technology creates a fast-paced working environment that smoothens operations and simplifies tasks. 

Technology comes in many forms, including blockchain, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. We synced all of our technological equipment, including laptops and mobile devices, in order to integrate technology into our business processes.

However, the true blockchain-led transformation hasn’t been widely adopted by enterprises. According to the research of McKinsey technology council - Up to 10% of global GDP might be handled by blockchain-enabled transactions by 2027. 

But who invented this technology which is completely decentralized and more secure than other virtual transactions?

Blockchain technology was first introduced in 2008 by Santoshi Nakamoshi but this technology became popular with the trend of cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency refers to a form of decentralized digital currency, where transactions are done digitally. Such online transactions are made entirely secure by using blockchain technology a.k.a ledger and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology is also capable of protecting your data and information that has been encrypted and shared through a peer-to-peer network in addition to securing online transactions. Also, the network is encrypted with blocks and every block has two types of keys, one is the public key and the other is the private key.

Here is an example to understand blockchain technology in a better way…

Suppose someone is looking to buy a property. This person has been scammed before by someone who is selling unauthorized property papers, so she decides to try one of the blockchain-enabled decentralized property exchange websites that have been created in the past few years. On these sites, every property is assigned a unique, immutable, and verifiable identity that is tied to a real person. Before the concert goer purchases her property, the majority of the nodes on the network validate the authority credentials, ensuring that the property papers are real and possession is shared with her via the property owner.

Would you like to know more about blockchain technology platforms? Let's talk about it…

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the oldest and most well-established blockchain platforms that was first introduced in 2013. Ethereum is a fully decentralized blockchain network. According to analysts, the main benefit of enabling total decentralization is support for smart contracts. But, one of its main flaws is that it processes transactions at a higher cost than other platforms. 

Apart from serving as a blockchain platform for business applications Ethereum also has its coin called ether.

To learn more about Ethereum you can visit youtube where you can get blockchain animation videos, blockchain explained videos, and many more. Jacob Crypto Bury – the best crypto Youtube channel for beginners, Technical Roundup – the best crypto YouTube for technical analysis, Trader Mayne – best crypto prediction Youtube channel, Crypto Face – most popular crypto Youtube channel for live leverage trading.

2. Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is another open-source blockchain network run by hyperledger and the Linux foundation.

Suppose you are in an import and export business, here Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain technology not only secures your transaction but also save your import and export history from scammers.

To know more about it check the blockchain-explained video on youtube.


In 2018 the EOSIO was first launched as an open-source project. It is best suited for creating smart contracts and decentralized apps. According to the expert, the main advantage of using EOSIO for your business is that it uses a PoS mechanism that provides better performance than older mechanisms, such as Ethereum.

The key strength of EOSIO is fact transactions and advanced account permission features for deploying applications. The platform has been used to construct more than 400 applications, including those for identity management, SCM, and gaming.

4. R3 Corda

Technically, there is some disagreement about whether R3 Corda is a blockchain or a distributed ledger. Transactions are cryptographically linked together and the system uses a new consensus technique that does not routinely group numerous transactions into blocks.  

One of the main advantages of this strategy is that all transactions are handled instantly, which might enhance performance when compared to other kinds of blockchains.

5. IBM Blockchain

According to experts, IBM blockchain is a private decentralized blockchain network, especially for enterprise clients who are less risky on average. The biggest advantages over alternative decentralized networks, in their opinion, come from being able to link to enterprise clouds and legacy technologies more easily.

6. Hyperledger Fabric

Most of the applications we use in our businesses are centralized, meaning that the information in these applications is kept by a central authority. So if you want a decentralized application then Hyperledger Fabric is a set of tools that helps create blockchain applications. It performs well in closed blockchain implementations, which can boost security and speed.

7. Tezos

Tezos is an older platform that has been under development since 2014. It allows decentralized applications, smart contracts, and unique financial instruments like NFTs, which can be compared to a contemporary version of trading cards linked to digital assets. With recent improvements that have increased the size limit for smart contracts and enhanced efficiency, the Tezos community has been updating the platform at a rapid rate. Additionally, it has created technologies to aid in automating the integration of NFTs into corporate supply chains.

8. ConsenSys Quorum

It is a customized version of Ethereum developed by the financial services company JPMorgan.It has been developed to facilitate swift transactions across a private network between organizations like banks and insurance firms. Additionally, it includes several privacy improvements to Ethereum to better accommodate laws like the CCPA in California and the GDPR in Europe.

9. Stellar

Steller is a recently released blockchain platform suited for numerous Defi applications. It makes use of the stellar consensus protocol. It establishes the transaction process as fact on the open blockchain network. It also offers security features for blocking undesirable or dubious participants in a financial transaction.

These are a few platforms for blockchain technology that you can use for your businesses.

Let's talk about what is blockchain video and how you can take help from such videos to upgrade your businesses.

Blockchain technology videos consist of complete information with various types of uses. The main purpose of the blockchain technology video is to make people aware of this technology.  

A blockchain technology video can be anything including blockchain technology animation video, blockchain explanation video, blockchain technology demo video, and many more.

To create a blockchain-explained video you can take help from animation video services provider companies, communication agencies, and video production houses. If you want to know more about blockchain animation video services you can contact video production houses, and search about it on youtube or google. 


Today, it's challenging to overstate the value and influence of blockchain technology. In a similar vein, animated explainer videos potential impact cannot be overstated. A strong animated film will captivate viewers, pique their curiosity, and keep their interest throughout. They can deconstruct and streamline even the most abstract, deep, and complex subjects without losing the intended meaning or saturating the audience with information.

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