Things You Need to do for Smooth Production Workflow
  • Dec 11, 2020 by Pragyansini Kar
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Making a video or video production is a pretty hectic job that requires careful considerations at every step to make everything goes according to the plan and the schedule. Any delay or imperfection can ultimately lead to problematic results therefore; it is safe to say that production is the backbone of the filmmaking process. Like any good film production house, our filmmaking process is carefully planned throughout pre to post production phases which helps us overcome several hurdles without any hustle bustle. The Visual House is one of the best film production houses in Delhi and therefore we will like to share our experiences to help you smoothen your production workflow.

  1. Quality over quantity: It’s a cliché, but it is true, if you ever have an option of choosing between quantity and quality, then it is advised to opt for the latter one. Doing this will eradicate any unnecessary issues and will also help you ensure that your content is closer to what you may have imagined. Further, each step will be much easier when you prioritize quality over anything else.
  2. Planning: When it comes to production, everything is about planning, do not underestimate the importance of planning, only with proper planning you ensure that the production process is completed without any difficulties. You should devise the schedule, location, manage different professionals required for the shoot and the edit. Not only this, you need to divide work and mention the role of each individual before and after the shoot. Organise meetings between different teams for ensuring proper communication and flow of information between individuals and teams. Budgeting is also an important step, so you need to allocate funding to different teams as per the budget and also as per your requirements.
  3. Meetings: For proper planning, meetings should be held between teams and individuals. Whenever you feel you are in doubt, then discuss with the relevant team and find a solution. You need to have problem solvers on the set and those individuals should be head of the different production unit as they will make sure that no problem is big enough to hamper your film production. You must understand that filmmaking is like parts of a machine working together, there should be perfect synchronisation otherwise, the machine won’t work.
  4. Recce: One of the most important aspects of any shoot is the location therefore, you need to look at the location prior to the shoot and make sure your cinematography and production team understands it and plans the set up and equipment accordingly. Also, take all the necessary permission prior to the shoot as it may take some time for the approval. Think about the camera angles and the shots during the recce and make the necessary changes in the set up after discussion with the art team.

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So, if you are searching for the best film production house in Delhi NCR, which specialises in film and documentary filmmaking along with corporate videos and ads, then we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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