How to conduct good Product Video Shoots?
  • Published On: 27 April, 2021 | Updated On: 12 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

How to conduct good Product Video Shoots?

Before going on to Product Video Shoots, it’s important to understand that product video shoots and product photography are two different things all together, though they appear to be same but it’s not like that. Well, Product Video shoots are always fun! It involves a lot of creative challenges because for every product that you shoot demands a different style and treatment. A good video production company understands the basic requirements for any product video shoot as per what the client’s expectations are for the deliverables. A lot of parameters are set and analysis is done before proceeding for the product shoot.

The first thing to keep in mind before the shoot is what sort of product are we going to shoot, as the product’s variation will bring changes in our shooting procedure. Suppose it is an eatable product, we need to look into whether the product will be placed directly or it will be shown inside its packet. If it is an electrical item, gadget or light bulbs then our procedure will again vary. For automobiles and other associated products too will have a different strategy to shoot. If the product is glass oriented or water based, then also you have to decide what way you will shoot the product as reflective and refractive items have difference when lighting is done around it. Any product video production company will ensure to have a proper clarity before the shoot commences should be there to get better results.

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Next is the environment in which we are planning to shoot. A natural background look or a solid plane frame all depends entirely over your product and the brief given by your client suggesting what feel and look they want from this product shoot.

After a lot of brain storming, you decide on what sort of lighting is to be given to the product to enhance its beauty on screen. Remember the lighting set up – key light, fill light, background light and backlight? This will be helpful in many of the product shoots. It completely depends on the product video production company which sort of professional lighting set up will work best for the product as well the brand or client.

Apart from that you also need to make a list of things that can be added in the shoot to add more beauty and visual appeal of the product while shooting. Like for some food articles we need to add certain items to make it look more tempting than in reality. For example – If you are shooting for food items like KFC’s Chicken or Burgers, then to make it look more tempting, glycerin is applied over it so as to make it look more shiny, or if you doing a shoot of mango drink, then same colored blocked are used in its filming. Beauty is something that attracts the audience so this has to be made sure that the beginning and end of the product shoot video keeps the viewers locked at their positions. And lastly the shots we decide for the product plays the game! The better shots we plan for the product, the better output is received. Planning when to use 85mm lens and when to use 100mm to get the wide and close up shot of the product and how we are placing the product and camera also does wonders. This is how a Product Video production company plans and executes the product video shoot to get desired video.

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Hope the listen information helps all the beginners and intermediate professionals in improving their skills more on the product video shoot. Stay tuned to get more updates on film making, shoots and production life.

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