Top Tips to Make Amazing Explainer Videos
  • Published On: 03 July, 2020 | Updated On: 11 January, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

Top Tips to Make Amazing Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are gaining a lot of traction among all types of companies these days. Not only these are easy to understand, but when made by a good explainer video production house, they can really engage a wide variety of audience. Explainer videos are also a great tool to familiarize potential customers with a business or a product. As most of the time, these videos are on the homepage of a company or its product; therefore, it is essential that it covers all the important aspects you want to tell your audience and that too, in a simple and concise manner. The Visual House is an explainer video company in Delhi NCRand if you want to know how to make excellent videos, then we are more than happy to help you. So first of all, let’s see what things you should focus on while making explainer videos are:

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  1. Script: All best explainer video companies will tell you that scripts are heart and soul of any video and it is completely true. There is no denying that a well-written script is a minimum requirement for making an incredible explainer video. Point of view of both, the company and outsiders should be taken into consideration while writing the script, as doing this can make the video more relatable to the audience. It is also important to make sure that the required message is there and the product or the company is represented in a positive manner.
  2. KISS (Keep it short and simple): Explainer videos should be as short as possible, and everything should be explained in a simple way so that it is easy for the audience to understand. A long video can really distract potential customers, and it can also cause more harm than benefit. Also, it is really important to understand; that the audience likes things that they easily understand therefore, the video should avoid technical jargons or terms which cannot be comprehended by a layman.
  3. Explain the benefits: Most common mistakes that most explainer videos make is just explaining the features, but a customer loves the benefits. Therefore, all the important features should be explained as benefits. By doing this, not only you can induce the likening towards a particular brand or product, but the audience is also more likely to understand the feature you want to sell. For example, instead of just telling customers that a phone has 3000 mAh battery, one should tell that 3000 mAh battery in this phone lets you watch videos for more than 10 hours.
  4. Music and Voice: Use music and voice that suits your video. Voice over can really help in increasing the intensity of the video and suitable choice of music or sounds will further enhance the quality of the video.
  5. Visuals: Another important thing is to make visuals appealing and less crowded. Instead of filling a frame with lots of graphics, you should focus more on relevant pictures or visuals. Everything from colour tone to the composition should be made to ensure that both the information and appeal of the video is maintained.
  6. Experiment: As they say, nothing new comes out without an experiment, so feel obliged to experiment a little once in a while.

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