How to Choose the Right Animation Production Company for Your Brand Needs
  • Published On: 08 October, 2021 | Updated On: 12 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

How to Choose the Right Animation Production Company for Your Brand Needs

Two types of animation studios

When we talk about animation, different brands have different requirements. As there are diverse organizations with various demands, we need the best animation production company to deliver the needful and obviously the best. Animation studios are divided into two parts – one is vendors and second is partners. When an animation production company has already experienced people in their core team from animation then the video strategy, presentation style, scripts, storyboard and voiceovers can be taken care by them. In such case you just need to hire someone who can create the animation work and execute on the agency’s direction. This is what vendors do for an agency. They usually work in specific steps like the illustration phase where the storyboards are turned into the final designs following an established style as well as adding movement to those illustrations and putting everything together which is our animation work. On contrary if we don’t have in-house skills for animation in our company, then one needs to work with an animation production company which will work as a partner. Here it is required that the studio team has good execution power along with strategies for animation and marketing. Partners is a best way for all your animation work as they will be there with you from the beginning of the project inclusive of all scripting, storyboarding, presentation and styling and story building.

Types of animated videos

We have a lot of animation production companies but which type will work for a company’s growth is not clear. There are different types of animated videos, 2D animation is typically the most classic form of animation style, while 3D animation supports classier Pixar feel to the characters. Motion graphics are majorly famous for explainer videos as they illustrate a concept in a simplistic way and message is conveyed aptly via these videos. Animated typography works better for quotes and other videos where the text is the prior most component. Stop-motion involves using real objects and capturing movement one frame at a time. Whiteboard animation is also an easily accessible animation form. The best animation production company provides you all of these and suggests the best suited type according to the necessity of the brand or company.

How to consider a right animation production company?

Good animation production companies will have their professional portfolio maintained. That is the first step of quality check! A portfolio helps in determining both the quantity as well as the quality of work the production house has done till now along with the taste of work they have picked up. If it all matches with your expectations and assure you that your project will be handled with proper care and you can expect best outcome delivered from their side according to your vision then you can consider the company.

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Next, animation production companies have the client’s testimonials which must be checked! Client’s credibility and experience with this company is easy to verify. A production house that values timeliness along with good quality work is anyway considered to be the best of all. Deadlines matters a lot and when a production company delivers you the quality output according to your expectations within the fixed time frame then this helps you remain hassle free and also in maintaining good relations with the production company. Whenever a client gives a brief, they always expect that they get the same level of output as they have visualized in their minds. So when a production company has the clarity and proper understanding and delivers the output equalling or beyond the expectations of what is desired at first, that’s the best thing in itself. What and how do a production house maintains its quality and presentation matters the most as when someone is investing money after their project, one will expect that the quality product is delivered with the best video quality on all aspects. Then only one can trust over the production team that their project will be treated the best.

Animation production companies are highly dependent over passionate workers who are creative at their best. The combination of passion and creative minds is an ultimate level of satisfaction for the best animated video content. It gathers attraction and attention from all around. So when at first one checks the portfolio of the production house, one can always see the amount of creativity used and how much hard work is used by the animators team to deliver the best quality. These are the best ways to judge an animation production house whether it lives by its promise to deliver the excellent work or not.

Also whether a production company is up to date with the latest softwares used in animation matters the most to keep in check with the current trends in the industry. But which one is the best animation production company one should connect with? So for associating with one of the top most production houses in Delhi/NCR, contact The Visual House and get the best promised output delivered. 

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