5 Best Animated Explainer Video Software 2022
  • Published On: 23 November, 2021 | Updated On: 12 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

5 Best Animated Explainer Video Software 2022

Animation is now known to many and so its importance. When we talk about animation we can't forget the software used in the process of animation.

Incorporating Videos into your marketing campaigns will not only make it interesting but will definitely boost your conversion rates. According to Hubspot, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.

But what makes that video impactful?

What is the right recipe?

A great storyline, larger than life camera shots, and a crisp edit. But what if you want to do all this on just a single computer without spending larger than life budgets?

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Well, animated videos are here on your rescue!

All you need to have is an impactful storyline and a great animation to convey your business message.

Many animation explainer video software are available but which one you should opt for? Best animation explainer video software matters as they will help in enhancing the look and presentation of your entire video.

If you search online for these you will find multiple names of explainer video platforms which ultimately confuse you which one to choose.

Don't be worried, we have shortlisted some best animated video makers for you to relief you from the confusion.

Let's discuss about the best and free Animated Explainer Video Makers based on their features, explainer video templates, add-ons, pricing, etc.


Visme is a super user-friendly animation software for explainer videos that offers a vast range of video templates from simple backgrounds and text overlays with multiple animations and transitions. 

It is great for a beginner to a pro with its amazing collection of tutorials in the blogs section that assists you in creating magic for your brand.

In addition to creating videos, Visme offers you additional capabilities to create your complete communication creatives that include social media graphics, infographics, data visualizations, and other interactive content.

It offers a variety of plans to suit all your business needs, from a free to a $29 package, and you can even add your own features and customize the plan.


Animaker is excellent customizable animated explainer video creator. The tool helps you create elaborate animated explainer videos with add-ons like animated transitions to insert between the scenes.

Animaker enables you to edit scenes separately but it can even be challenging to create a balanced video with a unified brand style.

This is a great tool for new start ups and marketers with additional tools like a Gif Maker, Animaker Voice, Customized Character Builder which are integrated on a single platform.

Animaker offers different plans, from a free one to a basic, starter, pro, and even customizable plans for enterprises.


Powtoon spoils you with its variety of styles available for creating an animated video, like Modern Edge, Whiteboard, Cartoon, Infographic, and Real ones. Once you are inside the software, you just have searched for the right template to suit your business visual style.

You can create quick videos by just editing the available templates, or you can start by using different elements and create a template by the base. The customizations of characters is amazing, and the best part is they are continuously adding more features and varieties to offer more variety of options.

It enables an animator to import PowerPoint and Photoshop artboards that can be further animated in Powtoon.

To suit the requirements of an independent animator to an agency, Powtoon offers plans from free to $99 per month, each offering different features.


RawShorts is best animated video maker that helps you create a video in just minutes with Artificial Intelligence. This explainer video platform helps you create a video by using text to video AI feature, where you just have to input the text content or URL of a published blog post and the software will create a video automatically. But you still customize and edit as much as you want.

You also have the storyboard feature, that helps you in choosing the type of video you want to create and then the wizard will show you the progression of slide options. You just have to select and fill up the storyboard before launching the editor to customize the video.

It caters to all the business requirements of small business owners to solopreneurs to independent animators.

You can understand the software by opting for a free trial and then choose from an essential to a business plan.


Vyond is not just for creating explainer videos, the templates give you a variety of options to create educational to informational videos.

Being a versatile tool is offers great customization options from facial expressions to skin color to movement and outfits. It is a great option for brands who are looking to create videos with the same look and feel for a campaign but can be challenging for creating something extremely different. You can always use additional camera movements to create a richer visual experience. 

It is suitable for businesses of different nature as it offers three different styles of templates like 


Business Friendly

White Board Animation

You can have a free trial of the software and then choose from annual plans ranging from $299 to $999 or customize for business requirements.

So, the above listed are some of the best animated explainer video software to make your search easy. So, choose wisely!

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