5 Reasons Product Videos Are Important for E-Commerce
  • Published On: 19 October, 2020 | Updated On: 11 January, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

5 Reasons Product Videos Are Important for E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce is ever-expanding. With each passing day, consumers are ditching traditional purchase methods and turning towards e-commerce platforms for all their shopping needs.

If you have set up your e-commerce site then it becomes imperative to employ unique and rewarding techniques to drive high sales. In recent times, product videos have emerged as a viable option for enhancing the performance of e-commerce sites. See it this way. A decent product video produced by a video production company can not only make people aware of your product but also help in propagating the core message behind your site. Not yet convinced? We give you 5 more reasons why product videos (shot by a corporate video production company) are important for your e-commerce startup

1. Videos are a great source of entertainment

In this age of the internet, people are consuming more video-based content as compared to audio-based or textual. If your product video, made by a video production company, is entertaining and engaging then it will find a receptive audience. Product videos are short, crisp and a fun way for the public to understand your product description and way of functioning. If the quality of video made by the corporate video production company is appreciable then people will certainly be influenced to visit your site. 

2. Product videos help in answering customer’s most pressing questions

For a video production company, it is easy to make such a product video that not only does its branding but also helps inquisitive customers around. 

Customers new to your way of functioning will benefit if an explainer video is available related to the product of their choice.

A product-centric video can also be used to answer buying or refund related queries, the quality associated with that product, its longevity and some more customer related queries.

In short, video production company produced product films make shopping experience hassle free for consumers.

3. Product videos by video production companies increase traffic organically

Organic traffic is bread and butter for any e-commerce platform. Organic traffic can be increased by reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the time spent by a visitor on a particular website before closing it.

Out of all the ways available to reduce bounce rate, product videos are the most potent. Product videos keep audiences engaged with your content for a longer period of time, decreasing bounce rate.

With a decreased bounce rate, Google algorithm will rank your website higher in search engine result page. 

4. Enhances conversion rates

If your product video is of premium quality, informative and entertaining, then more viewers would be influenced to purchase your products. As views on your video increase, the number of customers purchasing stuff from your store also increase. This is because visual content has more recall value as compared to textual content. 

For better conversation rates, it is advisable that you hire the services of a corporate video production company. 

5. Product videos are a good tool for online marketing

Sharing your product’s vision with prospective customers can be an ardent task. But you can avoid the hustle by making use of a visually appealing product video made by a known video production company. Product videos are quite popular across social media platforms and can provide some much-needed exposure to your e-commerce startup.

Now you understand how privy product videos are for e-commerce platforms. One thing you must take care of is that product videos are informative and are of premium quality. They have the ability to increase your conversion rates and add new customers to your loyalty base. Therefore it is advised that you engage a top video production company or corporate video production company to produce product videos for your e-commerce startup. 

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