Top Editing Tips for Making Amazing Videos
  • Feb 05, 2021 by Pragyansini Kar
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Making a good video requires following several steps that must be executed with proper planning and preparation. From pre to post production, every step should be taken while keeping in mind our vision of the required video. While it is essential for us to get good shots during the shoots, it is also vital to understand the importance of precise editing. Editing can make or break a video, no matter how good your shots are, the final outcome also depends heavily on the skills of the editor and producer, who decide the flow of video during the editing. Editing not just simply means putting the shots together, it is much more complicated art which invokes emotions in the audience through the video. The Visual House is a video editing company in Delhi that provides all sorts of video editing services in Delhi and we are more than pleased to share with you a few insights that can help you in editing a video.

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  • First things first, you must use those software and hardware which are perfectly capable of running your file smoothly throughout the course of the project. Any video editing company understands the importance of using the right software which can give them the required amount of options to treat the footage and hardware which can keep the data and project safe. 
  • Any video maker is a storyteller, so for starters, try to tell a story as per the script or the director’s direction. Understand the narrative and try to blend the footage accordingly. Also, understand that as an editor, each of your effects, cut or transition is your way of contributing to the story, so use them wisely. Even for a 30 second commercial or 5-minute corporate film, this is true, so tell the story that you want the audience to see through videos.
  • For an editor, the biggest tool is the cuts, not only you can experiment with a variety of cuts, you can also influence the flow of the video by not making a cut and choosing long takes. Every kind of emotion can be manipulated with cuts and along with right shots, it can make your videos immensely interesting. Not only this, you can match cuts with action, although for this the shooting also must be done by keeping this type of matching in your plans. Playing with the cuts in this way makes your videos more vibrant and dynamic.
  • When we talk about videos it is not just visuals, the influence of any video depends on its audio and visual content, so it is safe to say that sound is also equally important for making any video remarkable. Not only you have to ensure proper levelling throughout the video, but you need to use sound effects and music in such a way that it makes your video much more interesting.
  • As we all know there are a number of platforms on which you can present your video, so you need to ensure that the export settings are compatible with the medium you want to use. Only with proper settings, you can get the best out of any video, so it is advised that you take different outputs for different platforms.
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