Why animation so much popular these days?
  • Aug 26, 2021 by Pragyansini Kar
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We are running in the era of advancement and technology. Like our computers, mobiles and other gadgets are modernizing the similar way animation is growing day by day and is now one of the most integral part of media. Corporate videos are in demand these days and when we add the touch of animation to them, it works wonders and delivers an excellent response throughout. There is no such thing that can’t be represented using animation and definitely as people like more of video content which is attractive and eye-catchy they will opt to watch more of such content rather than going and reading descriptions about any particular product or services or procedures. 3D animation is any which way ruling now as it gives real essence to the video, thus making it eye-pleasing. Not only this, but also it helps in delivering perfect storytelling, express emotions and enhances the ideas one wants to present. The characters generated via animation are the eye candy of any video as the more exciting and good looking the character, the more people will remember it for a longer duration.

Importance of Animation 

Animation is essential on the advertising front. In animated video services, you get the best option to lower your expenses compared to other corporate videos or traditional advertisements format. In live shoots, you need a lot of time and crew members and the budget is also higher, whereas in animation, be it animated explainer videos or animated corporate videos, you save not only money but also time and it involves fewer members to work on the project. Animated videos are fun to watch and are entertaining as well so higher numbers of views can be seen on animated based videos than the traditional advertisement videos. It opens the door of creativity in the videos where you can show anything you want to convey as it imparts simple to complex detailing about your brand, service or product with much ease. Also most of the animated videos are short videos that communicate quick and clear information in the most creative and memorable way.

Benefits of Animation

Generally, the animated explainer videos have a strong and lasting impact over the viewers that people remember in the long run and also it is very engaging as the clarity and creativity mixture is served to the audience they get attracted to and attached to it. Hence in such cases the videos are shared more and the engagement increases overall, which benefits the brand or company as it grabs more attention. This higher engagement makes you rank higher in position in terms of SEO which boosts more traffic on your company’s website. Also with this your animated video is circulated a lot over the internet, which helps in promoting your brand or product or service on a large scale organically.

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Such animated videos content helps in generating new leads for your sales and marketing purpose which is again fruitful for your brand. Also, the explainer animated videos don’t sound more of like a sales oriented video content that people are most likely to avoid if not of their interest. One more important part of animated videos, especially animated explainer videos, is that they add more value and build the reputation of your company as it showcase the talent of your brand’s unique quality and communication with the target audience. 

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