Top 10 Explainer Video Trends You Need to Know in 2023

The term explainer is described as the explanation of anything whether it is a product, service, or any kind of technology. The Internet has made explainer videos one of the best ways of communication. They give complete information about products and services. It also makes us aware of the pros and cons of any service provider company, product, or brand in video format. Currently, an animated explainer video or an actual shooted explainer video both are in trend.

Today we are going to discuss cutting-edge and breathtaking “Top 10 Explainer Video Trends You Need to Know in 2023.” If you are a business owner or a video production company this blog will help you a lot.

An explainer video is a brief video that succinctly and attractively conveys a company's idea, product, and service. Typically, these videos are utilized to achieve marketing or sales goals. Businesses frequently host explainer videos on their landing pages and feature them on the home page of their websites. Some even use these films to advertise their products or services on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Effective explainer videos are succinct, and to the point, and have a single, crystal-clear objective: to swiftly communicate the worth of your product. The framework of an explainer video is intended to draw in viewers. So let’s get started with the top 10 trends of explainer videos.

1. Explainer video for educational purpose

Educational explainer videos came into trend during the time of covid and grabbed the attention of students. It changes the old method of study hence explainer videos become one of the popular ways of studying without taking physical classes. Such videos also grab the attention of educational companies that provide online tutoring services. Additionally, explainer videos make difficult information, teaching, and lectures more understandable, and thus explainer videos will be used more frequently this year. Hence, the educational explainer video is still one of the best explainer videos of 2023.

2. Video that is optimized according to the various screen

Another emerging trend for an explainer video is optimizing your video with various types of screen resolutions but the most demanding trend is mobile-optimized videos. Mobile users are constantly growing and impacting the trend of watching videos on mobile devices.

3. Explainer video based on AR technology

The demand for augmented reality videos is increasing, and it will become the new video sensation in 2023. Many marketing professionals have created cutting-edge methods to interact with the target audience as a result of the rising use of technology. The augmented reality video trend will benefit video marketers due to realistic environments and computer-generated real-world imagery. By fusing the realistic qualities of the current AR technology with explainer videos, brands can give their customers a much more immersive and engaging experience.

4. Product and service advertising explainer video.

Product and service advertising explainer video

A product explainer video, explains the complete information for a particular product and service. A visually aesthetic explainer video encourages the potential buyer to take a call to action, thus product explainer video is the demanding and trending content for 2023. If you are looking for an explainer video company in Delhi you can take help from the internet or you can contact “ The visual house” we provide state-of-the-art video production, and animated videos for businesses.

5. Whiteboard explainer video trend

Some works of art simply cannot be destroyed. The whiteboard animation video has existed for more than ten years. The simplicity, low price, and high-yielding nature of this video trend guarantee its longevity.

These videos are also excellent for describing a product or service. In 2023, this explainer video trend is expected to boost your sales by engaging and converting your audience.

6. Live Streaming explainer video trend

Live Streaming explainer video trend

The trend of live streaming is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of explainer videos. There are several subtypes of live streaming, such as influencer unboxing videos and live product introductions, as seen with Apple. The popularity of live streaming has increased, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with both businesses and individuals realizing its power. The future of virtual events is uncertain, with smaller, focused events likely to continue, but major events may not take place solely virtually.

7. Rotoscoping explainer video

Rotoscoping, an animation technique that involves tracing a live-action shot, is becoming more prevalent in explainer videos with the help of modern technology and the availability of tools that simplify the process. Instead of manually tracing each shot, these tools can quickly create a rotoscoped video. It will be interesting to see how rotoscoping evolves if it becomes a popular choice for commercial use in the future.

8. Storytelling videos

Video storytelling is a widely popular trend that has proven to be highly effective in marketing. It leverages storytelling to increase the impact of explainer videos and make them more memorable. Companies like Google and Unilever have adopted this trend to create engaging and impactful videos. By utilizing video storytelling, businesses can simplify complex concepts, enhance the visual appeal of their films, captivate their audience, and establish a strong corporate identity. A strong narrative can pique the interest of the audience in your brand, so it's important to have a trustworthy online presence to further engage them.

9. Explainer animated videos for business

As we know the term explainer video stands for an explanation of a product or service. Similarly in an animated explainer video, the explanation of products and services is in the form of animation. It is one of the most eye-catching content and demanding content by marketers. Hence, In 2023, it is expected that the use of animated explainer videos will continue to increase and that it will play a significant role in boosting sales for businesses. There are lots of companies available in the market that can help you to produce animated explainer videos. You can take help from the internet by just typing: the animated explainer video maker in Delhi NCR.

10. Tech explainer video

Tech explainer videos are in trend in 2023 due to their ability to effectively communicate technical concepts, engage and convert the audience, and support a strong and memorable brand identity. So these are the top 10 trending explainer videos you can choose according to your product and services.


The ever-evolving world has brought about changes in explainer videos as well. Some trends have been present for some time while others are relatively new. It's crucial to stay informed and open-minded in order to keep up with these trends.

The decision to utilize a trend is subjective, but it's important to recognize and assess each one. This comprehensive list of video trends provides you with the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively engage your audience and make an impact with visually stunning images.

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