Creating a start-up video for your business? Know the 'How & Why' of it?

A Startup is a company that is founded by solo entrepreneurs or a group of entrepreneurs, it is the initial stage of establishing a company. As the company starts earning profit the startup converts into establishing a business.
After lit, the light of a startup, have you ever questioned how you can make your startup visible to your potential audiences?

Think about it. Wanna know? Okay, let me conclude with the answer. To make your startup visible, you need a video, a video that tells everything about your startup, product, and service to your potential audiences. 

According to Oberlo online video consumption statistics, 92.7 percent of global internet users worldwide watch digital videos every week. Clearly, video is one of the most consumable content of the 21st century to engage with a huge audience. It also helps to convert the light of a startup into a fire.

Why video is important to boost the startup?

Your audiences will not get to know about your startup until and unless you tell them. And tell them via videos, since it is one of the best mediums to communicate with your audiences. 

But communicating with audiences casually or professionally are two different types of communication. So if you want your startup’s product and services to reach the right audience at the right time then choosing a professional video for communication is one of the best strategies. It will also enhance the chance of boosting your startup.

1. Increase consumable capacity

Did you know? As of April 2022, a source from Statista says, India has by far the highest YouTube audience, with 467 million users actively using the well-known social video network. The United States followed with almost 247 million YouTube visitors, with 139 million individuals watching YouTube material. You can see an increase in video consumption, it turns out that if you choose videos, the success level can be high. But, you should remember one thing: don't be in a hurry, strategize and then decide which type of video can be best for your business.

2. Make your startup strengthen from competitors

62% of marketers said that video plays a prominent role for both types of business modules whether it is B2B or B2C. Large corporations use video marketing because it is effective! 

And that's why prioritizing video marketing is one of the year's most effective marketing advice and tips. However, you have to think of quality over quantity. Often as a startup, you’ll have only one shot to impress the audience, so make it count.

3. Increase awareness of your Brand

It is a proven fact by successful startup entrepreneurs that videos like “how to” establish a startup, startup explainer videos, startup demo videos, and even video testimonials capture the attention of viewers. According to Invideo after watching a video, 65% of consumers can remember the exact visual three days later and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy the product. According to the statistics, videos can raise awareness of your brand. 

4. Help to increase SEO

Google's algorithms are continually evolving, but one thing hasn't changed: if consumers spend a lot of time on a page, Google will give that website a better ranking. So what is a better method to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer than the average time? As the data shown above has already demonstrated that videos do in fact catch the interest of consumers.

A recent upgrade to Google's algorithm has placed a heavy emphasis on video quality, consistency of uploading, and location. Google's algorithm is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Hence the quality of your video marketing content is essential for startup growth.

Here are some strategies for using videos to improve your SEO:

  • Post high-quality content regularly: Websites that frequently publish high-quality videos have seen a 157% rise in organic search traffic.
  • Post videos on your webpage: Your website is 53% more likely to appear on Google's first page if it features a video on the landing page.

5. Boost conversion ratio 

In the digital era, video marketing is one of the burning methods to engage customers and inspire confidence in your brand. That’s why video marketing can be the best option to market your startup business. Another reason to opt for a video marketing strategy for your startup is that visuals process faster than text and convert leads into paying customers. 

Visual plays a significant role in conversion but you should know, the type of content and location are other important factors to use at each stage of your sales funnel.

Here are some interesting statistics to make you aware of how video content increases your conversion rates. 

  • According to a survey using video on your website landing page can give you an 80% higher conversion rate.
  • When you use video on your website, it increases the average time, longer than two minutes which helps them to know more about you and your company.
  • Explainer videos on websites increase conversion rates by 20%.
  • Customers' reviews increase conversion rates by 58% for viewers.

6. Instant feedback

It has never been simpler to sell a startup idea with video than it is right now. You can discover precisely who is viewing, from where, and for how long, video analytics is really an informative term for tracking your marketing. This information is freely available on Youtube, Vimeo, and the majority of other platforms so you can identify patterns and modify your marketing strategies right away.

Let's talk about how can a video help your startup to stand out

1. Draw attention to mobile users

Today, a lot of individuals use their mobile devices to access the internet. In actuality, 49% of online page views globally take place on a mobile device.

Today, people use their mobile devices for a variety of activities, including watching startup videos, checking emails, and accessing social networking sites.

The automatic playback on mobile that every social network now offers is one of the primary causes of this. Watching films on your portable mobile phone is also tremendously easy due to its portability, which enables you to watch videos from virtually any place.

It's logical to assume that the number of individuals watching videos on smartphones will increase as more people own smartphones. This is terrific news for growth hacking using videos.

According to a Google study, people who watch videos on their phones are 1.4 times as likely to view advertisements, 1.8 times as likely to share the content, and 1.6 times as likely to inform their friends and family about the films they watch.

2. Attract users from social media

If you want to attract a large number of customers from social media platforms then video marketing is something that is loved by a huge number of users. 

Here are some facts: How a video attracts social media users 

  • Expert says that more than half of marketers prove the fact that videos play a significant role in achieving social media marketing goals.
  • Approx 93% of startups acquired new customers via social media video from various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • 26% of marketers state that daily story update on social media platform is a valuable type of content.
  • 25% of experts say that live video is the most valuable type of social media content.
  • More than 80% of social media love to watch videos from brands

3. Enhances the chance of viral your content  

Videos have the biggest potential as compared to any other type of content to go viral, as evidenced by the fact that they are shared on social media 1200% more than any other type of content. Consider YouTube as an example. Every day, 30 million people use the website and mobile app, and 300 hours of video are published to the platform every minute. It is simple to understand how videos on the platform may become extremely popular given the volume of content and viewers.

Who can help you to create a startup video for your marketing funnel?

A video production house can help you to create videos for startups. There is one more benefit to choosing a video production house, you can take help from their in-house sales experts on what kind of video is best for your product and services.

Suppose you are going to create startup demo videos for your startup then what are the tips and techniques for startup video production?

Here are a few tips and techniques for startup demo videos

  • You have only one chance to engage with your potential audience via a startup demo video so analyze the market first.
  • Choose the style for your startup demo video wisely
  • Take care of lighting and video quality if planning to shoot instead of an animation startup demo video.
  • Choose the best sound-quality equipment as it plays a prominent role in startup demo videos and other types of video. 
  • Every scene and shot has a story so take care of it.
  • Finalize your startup demo video with Proper Editing.


Startup videos are already the most important marketing strategy, and they will undoubtedly continue to be so in 2023. So, if you want to see your startup succeed, create a video outlining the core of your marketing plan for the future year. Remember, too, that recording a video is only one step in producing a high-quality one. In case you are going to make an animation video for your startup so you have to prepare your mind that there is lots of work that goes into it so it takes at least three to four weeks.

Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

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