Make Amazing Animation Videos by Following These Steps
  • Published On: 19 October, 2020 | Updated On: 18 January, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

Make Amazing Animation Videos by Following These Steps

From conceptualization to visualizing each frame and then creating an amazing animation video is no easy task. You have to put a lot of effort and ensure that each step is followed correctly and the story created by you is well-received by the audience. From planning and plotting to execution, everything should be perfectly aligned towards achieving your goal. The Visual House is the best animation video maker in Delhi and we are more than happy to provide you with some insights for creating creative animation videos.

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  1. Brand identity and target audience: The first thing that must be carefully looked upon, is the brand for whom the animation video is being made and the audience that it wants to target. All the good animated video makers know that to communicate precisely, one has to understand the language of the audience and that too, keeping the identity and personality of the brand intact. Demographics of the potential targets and their personality should be researched and allied with the brand’s perspective before creating the storyline and packaging of the animated video.
  2. Purpose and platform: When carefully formulating the message you want to convey, you also need to consider the purpose of the animation and the platform through which the audience will be targeted. Not only doing this will make your work easier, but the outcome also will be much more effective. Knowing the purpose is utmost important as, only after being aware of the purpose you can direct the video to give desired results.
  3. Precise Script: Arguably, the most important aspect for making any kind video is the script and this is also true for animated videos. Your script will act as the base for your animation therefore, the scriptwriter must have understanding of the client requirements, the targeted audience, nature of the video and as mentioned above, purpose and platform. Before starting the animation, you have to finalise and lock the script to make sure that the video making process is not hindered. Also, every video has its own time limit therefore, the script should be precise and concise depiction of the required message.
  4. Storyboard: Firstly, after finalising the script, you should visualise and prepare rough sketches to make pointers which will ease the animation process. Think about frame composition and duration of the same and prepare a sort of notes, before starting the storyboard. Now the main work begins, storyboarding will require you to visualise each and every frame thoroughly. Read the script again and again and envisage a picture in your mind and discuss with your team before sketching it. This is the final framework you require before making the required animated video.
  5. Balance: One of the little but one of the most important things that can help your animated video look wonderful is choosing a style for the entirety of the video. Further, there should be a balance in the look and the information provided in the video, as this can have striking effects in the mind of the audience.
  6. Theme: While making the animation, make sure that the theme is consistent. Characters and their colour treatment should be uniform to ensure that the visual continuity and consistency is maintained. This is also true for graphics or other text present in the animation.

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