The Beginner's Guide to Corporate Videos and How they can help your Business
  • Published On: 16 December, 2021 | Updated On: 09 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

The Beginner's Guide to Corporate Videos and How they can help your Business

Components of a Great Corporate Video

Compelling Visuals:

The primary objective of your corporate video is to narrate what you do, but how do you do that? With compelling visuals speaking your brand language is the most effective way. The visuals can highlight your massive plants and machinery, the minute details of your equipment, your aesthetic office space, and the beautiful smile of your employees.

Right Equipment:

So if you plan to create an in-house video production team or hire an expert corporate video production company, you need to make sure that you use high-end pieces of equipment. The corporate video you create should have the proper lighting, camera, lenses, drones, or anything else required.

Right Narrative:

Your corporate video should speak about your brand, vision, mission, values, people, etc. It is not just about telling what your company does; it is about narrating your story, your journey so far. It can be achieved through a firm voiceover, an animated character, or just on-screen text.


The right background score can instantly give your corporate video a next-level look and feel. It is the right element that can evoke multiple emotions in your viewers: sad, happy, proud, belonging, anything.

Crisp Editing:

Now, this is the final stage that shapes your final product. Using the right software, templates, transitions, visual effects, music to set up everything in the right direction is done in this stage.

Does all this sounds too much work, and you already have a lot on your plate?

So, why don't you leave the work to the experts, The Visual House, a leading corporate video production company in Delhi NCR? We'll take care of all the hassle, and you can just sit back and proudly look at your larger-than-life corporate video.

Still, thinking of what a corporate video will add to your business?

Benefits of a Corporate Video

Gets better SEO Ranking
Google loves videos! The first thing a person does today before making any decision is to google it online, and why will someone want to spend hours on your website or a blog, when they can learn everything in just a 5-minute video?

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That's why google prefers videos over text and gives you a higher ranking.


Explains things better

As we said, why will someone want to spend hours reading when they can get the same information in just 5 minutes in a more impactful manner. Videos can explain your complex processes in the most simplified ways, which can be understood easily by all your stakeholders.

Increases Recall Value

An audio-visual format speaks much more than just words to a viewer. A strong message can be given with a strong narrative through a corporate video which the viewers always remember. Great storytelling also makes the video more shareable, leading to a word-of-mouth promotion, which is indeed the most trusted form of marketing.

It gets more shared

Well, as we spoke about word-of-mouth marketing, a video makes it all the way more simple. Just imagine how time-consuming and detailed it can be explaining a company's work to someone, but how easy it is to share a video link. And all this works wonders when you have to present your company to a prospect; they just understand it in minutes.

So, what are you waiting for?

We know you have already made up your mind to create your next corporate video. So, let's get in touch and grow together!

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