10 Most Creative and Memorable Animated Advertisements of All Time

Animation advertising is a versatile marketing tool that can be utilized across various media channels to promote products and services. While they are often associated with online content, these ads can be equally effective when used on television, billboards, and other media platforms. Their engaging and eye-catching nature can capture the attention of viewers and leave a lasting impression. By incorporating creative visuals, clever messaging, and strategic placement, businesses can effectively utilize animated ads to increase brand awareness and sales. To help inspire your animated ad campaigns, we've compiled a list of ten successful examples that showcase the potential of this marketing medium.

Effectiveness of animation advertising in today’s era.

Animation advertising continues to be an effective marketing tool in today's era. With the rise of digital media, animated ads are particularly well-suited to grab the attention of audiences who are increasingly bombarded with a never-ending stream of content. Animations can effectively convey complex concepts, ideas, and emotions in a visually engaging and memorable way. They allow brands to create unique and distinct visual identities that can help differentiate them from their competitors. Additionally, the versatility of animated ads allows them to be used across a wide range of media channels, from social media to TV commercials. As a result, businesses are continuing to invest in animation advertising as a way to effectively reach and engage with their target audiences.

Do you know how animation video advertising works to grow your ROI?

Animation video advertising or animation advertising can be an effective way to grow your ROI (Return on Investment) for several reasons.

Animated video for advertising can be used to explain complex products or services in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. By doing so, you can help potential customers understand your product or service better, which can increase the likelihood of them making the purchase.

Additionally, animations can help create a stronger emotional connection with your target audience by using elements exclusive to the art such as color and abstract storytelling. This emotional connection can help increase brand loyalty and engagement, leading to higher sales and a greater return on investment.

Animation video ads can also be highly targeted, which can help increase their effectiveness. By using data and analytics, businesses can identify their ideal customer and create animation ads that specifically target them. This can help ensure that the advertisement is seen by the right people, increasing the likelihood of a conversion and therefore improving ROI.

Finally, animation video ads can be shared easily on social media and other digital channels. This can help increase brand awareness and visibility, leading to more conversions and ultimately improving ROI.

Example of best animated ads for marketing purposes

There have been many successful and best-animated ads used for marketing purposes over the years, but here are a few examples of some of the best:

Coca-Cola: "Happiness Factory"

This animated ad depicts a fantastical world inside a Coke vending machine, where little creatures work together to create bottles of Coke. The ad is creative, engaging, and memorable, and helped to reinforce Coke's brand identity as a provider of happiness.

Apple: "Intention"

This ad features a simple but effective animation, which depicts a series of white lines forming various shapes and objects, all set to a simple but catchy soundtrack. The ad was used to promote the Apple Watch and helped to convey the idea of the watch being a tool to help people achieve their goals.

John Lewis: "The Bear and the Hare"

This heart-warming animated ad tells the story of a bear who has never seen Christmas before and his friend, the hare, who tries to show him what he's been missing. The ad was a huge success, thanks to its emotive storyline and high-quality animation, and helped to boost sales for John Lewis during the holiday season.

Chipotle: "Back to the Start"

This animated ad tells the story of a farmer who decides to switch to more sustainable farming methods after realizing the negative impact of industrial farming. The ad was praised for its powerful message about the importance of sustainability and ethical farming practices and helped to reinforce Chipotle's brand as a socially conscious company.

These are just a few examples of successful animated ads used for marketing purposes, but many more are out there. The key is to create an ad that is engaging, memorable, and conveys a clear message about your brand or product.

The most suitable animated video for advertising will depend on the specific goals, target audience, and brand identity of the business. However, here are a few types of animated videos that can be highly effective for advertising:

Explainer videos: Explainer videos are designed to explain a complex product or service simply and engagingly. They typically use animation to create visual aids and examples that help viewers understand the product or service better.

Brand identity videos: These videos use animation to showcase a brand's personality and values, often through storytelling or visual metaphors. They can be used to reinforce brand awareness and loyalty among existing customers, as well as to attract new customers who share similar values.

Social media ads: Animated videos are highly shareable and can be effective for advertising on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. These videos often use bold and eye-catching animation to grab the attention of users and can be highly targeted to specific audiences.

Product demos: These videos use animation to showcase the features and benefits of a product, often in a step-by-step format. They can be highly effective in convincing potential customers to purchase by demonstrating how the product works and what problems it can solve.

Ultimately, the most suitable animated video for advertising will depend on the specific needs and goals of the business. It's important to work with a professional animator or agency to create a video that effectively communicates your brand message and resonates with your target audience.

What are moving ads and how can we utilize them for marketing purposes

Moving ads, also known as mobile ads, are advertisements that are displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These ads can take many different forms, including banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and video ads.

To utilize moving ads for marketing purposes, businesses can use various strategies, including:

Targeted advertising: Moving ads can be highly targeted to specific demographics and interests, based on data collected from mobile devices. This allows businesses to reach the right audience with their message, which can increase the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

In-app advertising: Many mobile apps allow businesses to advertise within the app. This can be a highly effective way to reach users who are already engaged with the app and are more likely to be receptive to the ad.

Mobile-friendly content: Businesses can ensure that their website and content are mobile-friendly to improve the user experience for mobile users. This can help to increase engagement with the brand and improve the effectiveness of moving ads.

Use of video: Video ads can be particularly effective on mobile devices, as they are engaging and can be viewed easily on small screens. Short, attention-grabbing videos can be used to promote a product or service or to tell a brand story.
Overall, moving ads can be an effective way to reach a mobile audience and increase brand awareness and engagement. By utilizing strategies such as targeted advertising, in-app advertising, mobile-friendly content, and video, businesses can create effective moving ads that drive conversions and improve ROI.

Here are ten of the best animated advertisements which are creative and memorable of all time:

  • Coca-Cola: "Happiness Factory"

Coca Cola

  • Apple: "Intention"
  • John Lewis: "The Bear and the Hare"
  • Chipotle: "Back to the Start"
  • Guinness: "Surfer"
  • Honda: "The Power of Dreams"
  • Old Spice: "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"
  • Nike: "The Last Game"
  • Cadbury: "Gorilla"


  • Geico: "Hump Day"

Each of these animated ads stands out for its creativity, emotional impact, and ability to engage and connect with audiences. Whether it's the heart-warming story of a bear and a hare, or the humorous depiction of a camel celebrating "hump day," these ads have a lasting impact and have become cultural touchstones in their own right.

Animation advertising can be highly effective in capturing the attention of viewers and memorably delivering a message. By using animation, advertisers can create visually stunning and emotionally engaging stories that stick with audiences long after the ad has ended.

Overall, the best animation advertising vides are those that tell a story and connect with viewers on a deeper level. By using animation to create powerful and emotive messages, advertisers can cut through the noise and create lasting connections with their audiences.

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