9 Simple Reasons Why Product Videos Work

Have you ever thought of getting a product video made? Or you must have thought but are skeptical about its effectiveness to market your product?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz regarding product videos and many top companies have, in fact, gone for them. But what really are product videos and how are they being used as an efficient marketing tool? 

Product videos, as the name suggests, effectively demonstrates the services and the features of a product in a video form as people are more likely to remember things which they have seen in an audio visual format. There are several types of product videos that you can use, each has its own set of unique benefits depending on your specific needs, goals and target audience. But here, we are talking about a particular type of product video - the product explainer video which tells compelling stories about products and their features in the shortest possible time.

Just imagine, you are asked to make a presentation, what will be the most effective way to do so? I would recommend a 2-minute video presentation rather than explaining the whole thing for the next half an hour. Yes, that’s what a product explainer video is. 

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Product explainer videos have indeed become a top trending marketing tool owing to their shareability, online visibility, conversion rate and creating brand awareness. Let’s check out why an explainer video is effective in promoting products and boosting sales.

 Why product video?



 1. Attract customers:

What do you need the most to make your business grow? Isn’t it attracting new customers and retaining the old loyal ones? There’s no better way to attract new customers than through an explainer video. 

Videos have high mobility and reach which make them effective tools for marketing and promotion.

2. Educate Customers:

A product video educates and informs consumers about your product, making them informed buyers. Remember, people buy products only when they are informed and convinced.

3. Build Brand awareness: 

People tend to retain more information when they are presented through videos rather than texts. This remembrance and recognition for the product creates brand awareness.

4. Generate Interest: 

People prefer watching videos than reading texts. A concise video with creative content and music is an effective tool to showcase your product.

5. Easy Presentation:

Clients prefer concrete evidence rather than explanations. Consider the old saying ‘Seeing is Believing‘! And in cases where you are asked to explain your product, you don’t have to worry as this will be taken care of in a short and sweet presentation. Moreover, every complicated process and term can be demonstrated effectively.

7. Evidence:

One of the top reasons why video production is effective is evidence. You can prove the special features that you claim your products posses. 

8. Emotional Touch:

Videos create emotional connections with viewers and people buy things based on their mood. A product explainer video with a positive emotional appeal takes you halfway through to making your sale.

9. Build Trust:

People trust companies which have product videos. Products featuring in videos are regarded as more genuine and authentic, besides videos provide clear information which helps in building trust with your prospective customers. 


These are some simple reasons why you should get a product video made. Product explainer videos are indeed really important if you are serious about boosting your product sale.  Keep in mind the online visibility they can generate owing to their shareability and the buzz they can create on social media platforms. 

Thinking of getting one created to market your product? Avail the services of an explainer video company for a quality video, fully customized to your product and which caters to the requirement of your target audience. Consider the benefits of hiring explainer video companies or more specifically explainer filmmakers for your video. You can certainly tap in the experiences of these professionals to make your video a premium quality and succinct in conveying your message. Make your product stand out!

If you’re looking for explainer video company in Delhi NCR, India, there are a handful of top explainer video companies in the region and TVH is certainly one of them.  You can rely on our services for a 100 percent customized video for your product.

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Future of digital platforms

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