Step by Step Guide for Making Animated Explainer Videos
  • Published On: 12 October, 2020 | Updated On: 11 January, 2023 By Pragyansini Kar

Step by Step Guide for Making Animated Explainer Videos

The best way to make your customer know about your product or services is by showing them how things work through an explainer video. While there are a variety of explainer videos, we are going to focus just on animated ones as they are gaining widespread popularity nowadays. Animated explainer videos are really engaging and if made correctly, they can appeal to a wide range of viewers. The Visual House is a top-notch animated explainer video production company which provides all sorts of animated video services, so we are going to share some insights that will help you in making amazing animated explainer videos.

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Animation video production or animated explainer video production requires a whole lot of patience and creativity, so you can follow these steps for smooth production.

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  • As a wise person once said that behind every good project, there is extensive research. So, you must sit down and research about the topic and find out which type of animated explainer video is best suitable for the same. It will also help you make certain production decisions as; you have to plan the production according to the style of the video. Also, you need to figure out the rough length of the video you are aiming for and main points that you want to communicate with your audience.
  • Now it’s time to dive into the research done and write the script accordingly. As animations are done and information is given on the basis of the script, so needless to say how important it is to write a well worked script. While writing the script, you need to be absolutely clear about the features of the products or the services and how it is going to benefit a customer.
  • Edit your voice over properly with required spaces in between. This is how you have to finalize the length of the animation and only after having the final voice over or narration, you should start working on the animation. This will make sure that there are no drastic changes in the animations. Keep in mind to select such a voice that goes along smoothly with your concept of the video, if you are not able to finalize a narrator, then animations can be done on a rough voice over.
  • Now it’s time to work on the animations, first of all select the main colour scheme that you want to follow throughout the video and choose the other colours accordingly. Now you can work on animations, use graphics for data, select objects for animations and create a sequence in sync with the voice over you have earlier edited.
  • After arranging animations in a sequence, use sound effects and music that suits your theme. It is important to understand that good audio effects and music can really help you make your content more intriguing.
  • Now at the end, before finalising your video, you should go through it again and again to find little things that you can improve, it is kind of a revision you need to do before the final test.

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