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As the era of technology reaches its pinnacle, companies all around the globe are using video production services to promote awareness about their business practices. Corporate videos are the best tools at the disposal of an organization to detail out the work culture specific to their companies. Such corporate video production helps to bring attention to top management and their thought process. Moreover, an attractive video production supplements the talent team in hiring new resources.

But how often you have come across a corporate video that has left you impressed with their execution or quality of the content? Very few indeed.

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Corporate video production carries the ominous tag of being plain boring and uninteresting. But this does not have to be the case when you plan a video production for your firm. There are quite a few corporate movies out there who have ditched the traditional path and have produced appreciable work. You just have to tweak things around a little in the pre-production, production and post-production to ensure your corporate video production stands out. Here are some of the best ways to ascertain that your video production is worth the efforts:

1. Bring in emotion


All corporate video productions are accused of letting go of the basic essence of film and that is emotion. Content bereft of emotions would hardly strike a chord with the audience. Thus while you plan on how to go about your video production, be clear with what you want your film to showcase: the message and the impact you envision your film to create. Avoid plain informative videos rather showcase what makes your company click and the industry problems it solves. If the emotions of your film are in right place, it will work wonders.

2. Take care of the duration

It is understandable that a corporate video production is made to dispense information. But the video should not turn out to be a history documentary. People only consume content which is short and crisp. So plan your video production so as to give out all the necessary information in minimum possible time and letting viewers discover more about the firm on their own. 

3. Make script the king

Corporate video productions must be informative and creative. Coming up with a story idea and then juxtaposing it with your company’s narrative will create a corporate film that is entertaining and creative: a rare feat. You can also play around with the background tracks such as adding interesting tunes or creating a company specific jingle. All of these small steps will take your corporate video production to another level.

4. Message Clarity

The main goal of a corporate video production remains to be informative about the company’s founding principles. The video production should be out of the box but that doesn’t mean that the message gets lost somewhere. The message builds your personal brand. Weave it with the overall narrative so that the viewers and the investors have a crystal clarity regarding what your firm stands for.

5. Employee participation

Most corporate video productions require testimonies from employees currently working in the organization. The employees might not be comfortable in front of the camera thus stealing authenticity from their testimonies. This might affect the overall quality of your video production. To avoid this, let the employees know beforehand the strategy behind the film, the feel of it. If the tone of the employee testimonies feel real and relatable, the quality of corporate video production will increase manifolds.

6. Social media marketing

Once your corporate video production is ready, it is imperative that you promote it across the firm’s official social media handles. All stakeholders: consumers and investors should be aware of how the organisation is functioning and what its key goals are. If the video production is engaging then it might even lead to gain new customers. 

7. Including CSR in corporate video production

CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility. While showcasing different projects the firm is involved in, the video production can also throw some light on CSR activities carried out by the firm. It will add some authenticity to the corporate video production and pique viewer interest. 

These were some of the best ways to ensure that your corporate video production stands out among plethora of similar content. Be creative, crisp and concise so that your video production highlights your personal brand. 

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Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

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