Know all about the techniques of making an advertisement video

We often hear - “Communication has a power that can sort everything out”. 
A similar thing happened with our business and product. A good advertisement video in terms of aesthetics and storytelling may communicate well with your target audience if you want to make your product a brand.

When you want to learn how commercial videos are made, you might have a few queries, such as how to make good video ads or who can help you to produce them. 

A video production house, communication agency, or advertisement video maker can help you to make good video ads. 

Let's discuss the techniques for making an advertisement video.

An advertisement video involves fluent techniques and processes. To perform these, advertising production houses hire creative people with different roles and responsibilities that help them to make this process seamlessly effective. 

Before talking about techniques, let's discuss what is video advertising?

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways of communication. According to a survey, the rising number of mobile devices and internet users makes advertisement videos a highly consumable content via broadcast channels and social media networks.

Suppose you have a product and you want to sell it. Here are two ways to sell your product. 

- The first one is to use the traditional advertising method. 

- Whereas the other one is to find your potential audience and create an advertisement video according to the needs and interests of your target audience.

- At last, hire a communication agency and broadcast your advertisement video on TV channels and other communication channels, or upload it to your social media accounts. However, you can choose it according to your needs and budget because uploading a video on social media is more cost-effective than broadcasting it on TV channels.

What would you prefer when it comes to selling your product?

Although you know the first one can take a lot of time and have a limited range, and the second takes time but it has a wide range. Today our blog is focused on creating an advertising video according to the needs of your target audience.

According to a survey of social shepherd, 86% of marketing experts said that they used video as a marketing technique and approximately 78% of business owners see a positive impact on their company sales. It does not end here, 86% of people say that video content helps them to increase website traffic. Clearly, to attract new customers for a startup you need an advertising video. Because advertising videos help you to stand out within the industry. It also educates your customers more effectively than other advertising methods. With the help of video advertisements, you can highlight the unique aspects of your product.

As we all know because of social media today advertisement video has become one of the demanding aspects of marketing and if you are looking to create an advertisement video you can opt for advertisement video makers and advertising production houses

Let's talk about how to make an advertisement video with different categories and its creative & technical steps.

Making of an advertisement video involves three main categories - pre-production, production, and post-production; these categories consist of creative and technical aspects. 

First, we will talk about the creative aspects of creating an advertisement video because pre-production is all about creativity and making decisions for the production process.

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From the client’s perspective 

First, you have to decide your budget and requirements according to your brand and shortlist 2-3 video production houses. You also can take help from google and other social media sites to check reviews and the quality of work. Once you select a video production house, tell them your requirements. 

From agency perspective


The video production house should start with the research to know the demand of your product to segregate the target audience and move towards the second step which is scripting.


Video production houses and communication agencies have their in-house creative writers who will write your script. Once it has been approved by an internal authority, the script will be shared with you, for your final approval. On the other hand, the production house will start doing other processes like artist hiring, location scouting, shoot schedules, and equipment renting. Artist hiring is based on the script, while location recce is required when we shoot video in actual locations instead of a chroma shoot. Let's talk about equipment renting now.

Equipment renting  

The first and foremost process of making a good advertisement video is to rent equipment wisely that comes under your budget and gives high-resolution video quality. 

A camera for high-resolution video 

When it comes to techniques of making an advertisement video, the camera and its lenses play a vital role to shoot a high-quality video.

Here is a list of some high-quality cameras that are Fujifilm X-H2S and X-S10, Panasonic Lumix GH6, GoPro Hero 11 Black, DJI Mini 2, Insta360 One X2, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Panasonic Lumix S5.

All of these cameras give high video quality resolution. You can choose these cameras for your advertisement video shoot. It costs between $700-$3000 + Lenses that are started around $50.Though it’s a bit high in cost it will be better if you rent it instead of buying it. 

Apart from DSLR cameras, mobile phones also come with high-resolution camera quality, for example, iPhone latest generation, or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have exceptionally good quality cameras within them. So you can go with the mobile camera to shoot a high-quality advertisement video.

Microphones for crystal-clear audio 

All of your videos need to have audible clarity, much like how good your visuals are. Even though not every video need audio, if you decide to use it and it's of poor quality, people will leave your video immediately. Purchasing a quality microphone can help with this. You can record sound while a scene is being shot in real-time if you have a good microphone. A voice-over narration can be recorded using the microphone and added to the video clip after using video editing software. The mediocre internal microphones of bridge DSLR cameras make an external microphone even more crucial.

Both lavalier microphones, which are worn by the speaker, and microphones that are placed next to or attached to the camera are options. The latter of the two is frequently the simplest and most adaptable to use, in addition to being less fussy than lavalier microphones. Here are some excellent recommendations for external microphones. No matter how amazing your microphone is, don't forget to record in a very quiet location. Any background noises, such as air conditioning turning on, refrigerator buzzing, or traffic zooming by the window, will be audible in your recording.

Green Screen

Some companies prefer to film videos with the background unaltered. Great! Others, however, favor the use of green screens so they can alter the background or preserve the object's clean, sharp appearance. Few video production houses already have an in-house setup for chroma and few are renting it to your requirements. 

Video editing software

Video editing software is the most important aspect of the video advertisement. This software lets us cut the videos, edit clip length, and potentially remove sound or add voiceover narration if needed.

Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Blender are some video editing softwares where you can create a single video from the raw footage. You can add effects, remove an unnecessary part, merge clips, play with speed and reverse it.

The software comes up with multiple transitions and templates that help you to make your video effective. If you are not satisfied with built-in transitions and effects you can download it and purchase it. 


Once script and equipment renting are done the second and most admiring category is production. This process is done based on the script, storyboarding, and shot division.

The director is the head of the whole crew including the cameraman, sound recordist, and other supporting members including the artist. Once the shoot is done, raw footage of the advertising video is sent for post-production.


The post-production process consists of editing, sound mixing, and color grading. In this process, video editors and music producers play a prominent role. As we have already discussed about its softwares. Now, let's talk a bit about color grading and its softwares.

Color Grading 

The agency hires color-grading experts to enhance the aesthetics of your edited video advertisement because enhancing the color quality of a video advertisement is another important aspect. You can use premier pro or DaVinci Resolve. Davinchi is one of the highly recommended software by professionals for color grading. 

Final output 

Once the internal authority and client approve the video, the video editor renders the final output of the advertisement video.

Wrapping up

These are the technical aspects to make a good advertisement video thus whenever you think of making an advertisement video, go through this blog it will help you to be aware of every technical aspect.

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