The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production -TVH
  • Published On: 26 September, 2018 | Updated On: 12 November, 2021 By Pragyansini Kar

The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production -TVH

Since the year 1995, when a short film paved way for video marketing video content has become one of the most effective forms of marketing used in today’s times. Video production house like The Visual House create corporate video production to enhance brand awareness for their clients, help them connect with your audience and turn viewers into customers. To have an effect, the video content that is created must be of a high quality because if the video doesn’t look, sound or feel good, then audience would lose interest and not watch it! Even though the technical details such as the visuals and sounds need to be of great quality, their importance is not a substitute for great content. A video with great content (what is being said or shown, when and how) and great technical details complement each other. As we now know that having a corporate video production for your company is a necessity but what is it that the video production house such as The Visual House creates? 

The corporate video production is the production of a video by a video production house, corporation or an organization. There are endless uses and possibilities for a corporate video production but most people use it promote the brand or product of their company. Corporate video product has more potential than just brand promotion and can be used in all areas of your company or business and that too with applications you never thought existed such as training videos, live streaming etc.

Are you looking for a way to market and promote your business on large scale? Are you someone who needs to develop their corporate video production? If you answered yes to these questions, then all you need to do is read the following article with 5 golden rules that will turn your target audience to customers:

Stop Telling, Start Showing!

Audiovisual content has taken over the marketing world and is apparently ruling the market. Although the written content is still very important, a lot of people are gradually shifting to videos to find out about products. People are now losing interest in written materials and designs. People need to see something special in the corporate video production that will urge them to spend their hard earned money. Video content created by The Visual House, a video production house is capable of engaging the audience and also helps you to provide a description of the usage and benefits of the product, often called the explainer video. Using this potential tool for marketing depends on how it is created.

Know your corporate video production audience

If your audience doesn’t feel that you addressing their needs and goals, they will click and leave you. Unfortunately, that is the harsh reality! Take time to understand your audience before you take the help of a video production house to create your corporate video production. Try to get to know your audience, what they need, tap into their emotions and use all this information to make your corporate video production. If you strike a chord with your target audience you will be able to convert your target audience into customers.

Tell a Great Story

We are all searching things to be amazed, to be motivated and a great story can actually sync with the mind. Even if you don’t believe it, most purchase decisions are emotional ones. Therefore most corporate video productions are using facts, features and benefits to woo the target audience to generate new customers. If your story is great and it moves your target audience your audience will stick with you. Because let’s face it most viewers never watch the videos till the end. If you want your viewers to watch and remember the messages your corporate video production emphasizes on, then you need to tell a great story.

Customers are most important

The main target when you market your product is the customer. Corporate sector attains success from the conversion of potential customers (that is your target audience) into actual buyers. A corporate video production must be created keeping in mind the customer’s requirements. The video must address the customer’s problems and how the product you are offering can solve their problems. Many corporate videos make the mistake of focussing on their history, achievements and processes on their videos, which aren’t of much interest to the audience. Therefore always think from a client’s perspective, before creating your video.

Project what you believe in!

Now days, a high level of transparency is required in a business and showing the audience what you believe in works wonders. Ask yourself what you believe in? How you define your core values? Why should a customer choose your products amongst the vast variety of options available to them? 

Ask yourself these questions then review what the audience wants and after that try to derive a balance between the two. Share this knowledge with the video production house so that they can create a video that is appropriate and relevant to the target audience and their needs. If you engage your target audience, they are more like to become potential customers. So, use this tool of video content wisely!

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