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TV used to be a source of fantastic entertainment media till a few decades recently. After the boom of internet, everything has become so easy that even banking transactions find faster options on your mobile! Just in late 1990s when internet spreads its fame across developing nations, the prodigy was predictably strong and evident. Slowly options started paving way to the advertisement world in greater ratio. Advertisement came into use from watching short news to soaps, live coverage to almost everything, internet news is a global trendsetter that has made awareness vast and possible. This technological upbringing has ultimately steered into building a multimillion dollar industry where video content is king. Thanks to mobile internet that we don’t need to stick to that old idiot box anymore. Increase in mobile technology and a fall in cellphone prices in addition to really affordable internet is the real reason why mobile video consumption has swelled even so that the volume of mobile video consumption will surpass non mobile video data next year. Video content viewership on laptops is already on a high point. But spending on mobile video ad is expected to rise 49 percent to nearly $18 billion. The reason is quite clear. More and more people will watch 25 percent more video on phones and tablets next year.

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have utilized internet space to profitable ventures as a greater number of people are coming closer in FB on their mobile devices. These platforms serve as excellent support systems for video sharing that most advertisements and campaigns are now running on them since there has been an evident spurt in the number of social media users and twitter followers so much so that 82% of users now watch video content on Twitter. Even YouTube has a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users that view video online.

A video has strong potential in advertisement content and related marketing because people mostly watch it on the move and watch videos on the mobile. There are approximately 500 million hours of videos that are watched each day on YouTube alone. We see a significant spurt in mobile video consumption. Streaming on smart TVs alone among non-mobile devices continues to increase but mobile device viewership is growing at a continuous pace which shows remarkably a 20 percent rise in online video consumption this year.

Video promotion is the new prevalent factor of marketing strategy amongst corporates that almost sixty-five percent of global Facebook video views occur on mobile devices only. By 2020, over 75% of global mobile data traffic will be video content. In U.S. video will account for 77% of total mobile data traffic by 2020, up from 61% in 2015. According to reports, 7 trillion video clips will be uploaded in 2020, and that’s an amazing 2.5 daily video clips for every person. The world will see more of video as the arrival of 3x more mobile connections will cover people in 2020 that will surpass the total population of UK.

Video and internet have become synonym terms now with both going parallel to fame and success. As more net is become available, want for more video increases automatically because sites like YouTube provide readily available content in almost every field whether its education, entertainment or research.

The continuous increment in viewership ratio is far beyond expectation because short media gives long memory and incomparable results. Edutainment and entertainment are abundant on YouTube as video making and sharing finds within budget to influence great population. Importance of a video production house simply becomes more pronounced in this situation. But there are too many appeasing and simple to make video softwares which can provide different CGI effects to a video and make it look really cool. A video can be a good source of education and be an excellent marketing tool.

Viral videos are famous for their content and attract huge online buffs so they serve as one of the best publicity campaigns that multiply like wild fire. People will just watch a product video and give it their reviews and word to mouth publicity. Good videos will make people inculcate trust about the product and rather reach the mall to buy them. So it’s a better alternative to promote your goods and also establish the goodwill of your company. There are some video makers across India, and to make an amazing video, you can even find a good video production house in Delhiwhich can guide you to make attractive media substance that can fetch both publicity and fame.

A moderate video can target a part if not the full world and a slice of that ratio is big enough to warrant effective marketing sponsorship and exacerbate reasonable sales and profit making optimization. Being a common platform of such videos, YouTube has the capacity to reach innumerable number of people who like to watch videos which could pitch up sales because video sharing sites like YouTube allow you to post a link back to your site so visitors can click through to your main site. Even SEO promotion is triggered on Google as a strong platform to get maximum business exposure through search engine optimization as your effective video showcasing will definitely attract a strong customer base and boost your website marketing. What next, you’ll get a higher ranking that you always desired and ultimately, traffic generation will be a lot higher.

So overall, video will make your marketing campaigns fly, not just run because visual is always preferred over text and you will see your promotion in flying colors.

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