How to make great product videos that convert to sales?

Before delving into how to make great product videos in depth, we will provide a brief and concise example of where product videos are used, so that those who are not aware can easily connect with the title and those who are already aware can be assured that they are at the right place.

Let’s understand, what is a product video with the help of an example?

Teddy wants to purchase a gadget, but since he is not familiar with the most recent technology and its features, he decided to watch some videos before making the final decision. After watching the product video, we got to know about the particular gadget including its features as well as its benefits. Now Teddy knows what he should purchase and why?

Therefore, we can state that a product video is one that tells a tale, resolves a dilemma, emphasizes on the features and tells everything about the product.

Let's explore the various facets of product videos and figure out the best method for producing them.

Before moving further here is a quick reference table of content.

  • What are the three major stages of producing a product video?
  • Who can help you to make product videos that drive sales?
  • Which video is best for you?
  • Why do we need a proper call to action?
  • Bottom line

Today, a large number of people use a variety of shopping methods, but before buying anything, they want to discover the item and its benefits. The importance of the product video in this situation can be seen in the ease as it helps our potential customers to make their final decision.

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The product video can be found anywhere, including website landing pages and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, most people prefer YouTube to learn about a particular product.

What are the three major stages of producing a product video?

Shooting a professional product video has its own process that creates the aesthetics of the product from different angles. So let’s move further to know the process of making a professional product video.

1.Pre production

The work done on a product video prior to the start of full-scale shoot/production is known as pre-production. The script, casting, location scouting, equipment, crew, and the shot list are all aspects of video production that take place during pre-production.

2. Production

After completing pre-production, we move on to the actual filming phase, which is referred to as product video production.

3. Post production

After completing the pre-production and production phases, we move on to the post-production phase, which involves video editing, sound mixing, and adding special effects if needed.

Who can help you for product video production that drives sales?

If you want to make product videos for marketing that drives sales you can choose communication agencies and product video maker companies whose creative team can help you to produce product videos that help to increase sales.

Communication agencies also offer TVCs, digital films, corporate videos, Social media, Digital marketing, Website designing, Logo and Branding, designing and printing, and many other types of video services in addition to product videos.

There are various types of product videos: Rotating product videos/360 product videos, e-commerce product videos, animated product videos, and many more. We will talk about it further in depth.

First you should know what types of elements a company uses to make a product video impactful.

1.Idea and story should be unique

Ironically, it's simple to fall into the hard sell trap even in product video, where there is greater potential for creativity. But when you add some humanity to your product video, selling transforms into narrative.

A compelling narrative can give the impression that the audience is not viewing content from a company. Instead, the feelings and messages of the video will simply engulf them. Viewers are more likely to share and initiate conversations about your material as a result, it has an even greater impact.

2. Must solve the problem.

A problem solving approach is the best way to engage your potential audience to build a connection with your product. Also, such types of narrative help viewers to make their purchase decision fast without any doubt because it consists of such content that solves his/her problem.

3. Make it simple and short.

A short video can reach a wide audience because it is the ideal length for all types of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.These videos are more likely to hold the viewer's attention for a longer period of time due to their higher retention rates.

According to a survey, 5% of viewers stop watching video after 60 minutes and 60% of viewers stop watching video after two minutes and if your video grabs their attention, the watching limit may be increased.

4. Keep footage quality in mind.

Higher picture quality videos produce significantly longer watch times and more engaged viewers. According to a survey, viewing time decreased by 77% when the quality of the video decreased.

5. It should be visually creative

Here visually creative product video means to use creative angles that make your product more visible as your story moves further, also conveying to your target audiences that how a particular product is important for them. Let’s move further to the most important element of the whole product video.

6. A clear CTA

Call to action, or CTA, is the most crucial aspect of a product video because it is the part where you can tell your viewers what should be their next step. Once they click "Sign up or Buy Now," your goal of "How to make great product videos that convert to sales" is accomplished.

Which video is best for you?

1.Rotating product video/360 product video

2.Ecommerce product video

3.Animated product video

4. Product launch video

Let's take a deep dive into the above mentioned video types

1.Rotating product video/360 product video

Today when online shopping is increasing with exponential speed people want more video content that explains about the particular product and when it comes to explanation of your product the 360 product video is one of the best options for your target audiences.

5 points that make 360 video more engaging for your target audiences

1. A more satisfying online shopping experience

2. Provides a more relatable and realistic experience.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

4. Make your product more trustworthy

5. Drive sales with potential speed

2. Ecommerce product video

Best ecommerce product videos Increase engagement and give the immediate result including it to your e-commerce website. According to statistics, the average customer spends about an hour watching videos online. In addition, 90% of online shoppers watch videos before purchasing a product.

3. Animated product video

A best animated product video gives you creative liberty to dive deep in explaining all the key elements using animation which could be a challenge in shooting. A good 3D animated video could also serve the purpose in the most creative, engaging and relevant manner.

4. Product launch video

A product launch video is a video that a company uses to promote the release of a new product. A terrific product launch video can help you in increasing brand awareness and creating hype around your upcoming product. It's also a swift, involving, and easy to share way for target users to make them understand about your product’s features.

If you want to know more about a product video you can easily connect with a product video production company whose sales executives can help you.

Bottom line

I'm sure now you understood what a product video is, how it helps in sales, and how to make it. Now if you are looking for an agency to create a product video that uplifts the story and has a proper call to action with high resolution, you can go with communication agencies that offer an end-to-end solution.

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