The Future of Video Marketing: Interactive-Videos

For awareness and success in today’s tech- savvy world many people are now resorting to going viral, be it companies, organizations or celebrities; all are thrive to go viral and what can be better than a video to go viral?

Video marketing since its inception only a few years ago, has taken over the banner, text or image form of advertising and as we all know its market is just going bigger and bigger. The possible driving force for this could be the high mobile penetration or other video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Twitch and Vimeo. Social media websites aren’t far behind with facebook, Instagram and Twitter making video marketing on their network easier.

After knowing how video marketing spread its web of marketing across the internet, we cannot deny that videos have proven to give amazing results to brands (to a level other forms of content can’t reach. But, unfortunately, the problem is that everyone knows this by now and creating your niche can be challenging and require your production house in Delhi (like The Visual House) to take your brand a step further.

Before we plunge into the future of Video Marketing in terms of Interactive-Videos, let us understand what an interactive video is all about.

What are Interactive Videos?   

Have you ever seen a video that keeps going on and on, as if you were on a linear journey? What thoughts came into your mind when you saw that video?

“It is boring!”

 “Not interactive!”

“I wish it ended soon or was a little interesting!”

If these statements are close to what you have felt while watching a video, then say no more, we understand your pain. The interactive video thankfully is an exact opposite of this linear kind of bland video.

An interactive video is the one where the video is made by the production house in Delhi to interact with the audience. Basically, the interactive video like a general video does not have only a play, pause and skip options; the interactive video has various paths that the users can choose to navigate their video. This newer version of video marketing helps to make the content for your brand more catchy and unforgettable, which helps you to stand out amongst the fierce crowded competitors in the market. According to a recent survey by Wyzowl (world's market leading animated explainer video companies), only 24% of the video marketing brands interviewed have used interactive videos, but out of these 92% have said that it is a highly effective tool. Therefore, it is a clear indication that production house in Delhi who used this technique of interactive videos for their clients in an early stage are happy with its results. Why you may ask? Well, it is because the interactive videos are such a diverse medium that it suits practically any type of business.

Okay, so by now you might have developed an understanding of interactive videos to promote user interaction with the help of clicks, touch, swipe etc. but that is not where it ends, the future of video marketing is here with interactive videos becoming even more engaging, like they were never before.

Let us understand this with an example,

Just imagine you watch a video of any celebrity and your heart skips a beat after seeing their clothes, shoes or accessories. You wonder if you could get the similar look or the attire they adorn, but where can you get it from? Suddenly, your pointer reaches the clothing article and you realise there is a link on it where you can buy your favourite celebrity’s look. This is the magic of an interactive video!

Turn your view now from customers to your brand image; imagine what happiness your brand can give to its customers when they are free to navigate through your videos as part of your video marketing to find the products they like. For example, you could make a video that describes the benefits and characteristics of various products with links of each product within the video itself. These links can help you to direct our customers directly to your landing pages, where they can explore various features of the products they like in detail, this increases the chances of your customers buying your products.

Our fast paced world leaves no time for your target customers to watch long videos or watch a series of videos to understand some specific detail or identify the different services that you offer. If you decide to keep your video long to add in all the details that you want your customer to know, be prepared for them to leave in between the video. If you do not understand this concept, other companies will, so ask your  video production house in Delhi to keep your videos short and add interactive offers in between.

How can you and your customers benefit from Interactive Videos?

Ø  Attain an edge over your competitors and make the video marketing process easier for your prospective customers

Ø  Take the help of your production house in Delhi to save your customer’s time and clear their doubts in no time.

Ø  Create videos in such a way that customers can easily learn and navigate through the video at their convenience.

Benefits of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos with technical advances now offer a variety of benefits for the organizations:

Ø  The interactive videos now support a better form of “call to action” facility.

Ø  The production house in Delhi such as The Visual House helps you to project a variety of things in a single video and add numerous links to help your prospective customers to explore and purchase immediately.

Ø  One can also add a link for downloading the catalogue within the video.

Ø  The interactive videos have the potential to be customized to the next level.

Ø  These videos provide better control to the viewers, which give them the freedom to manipulate how the video will progress.

The above discussed benefits of video marketing through interactive videos shows a bright future that production house in Delhi  like The Visual House create for their clients making it nearly impossible for their customers to get distracted while watching these videos.

Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

05 February, 2021


05 February, 2021


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