5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing
  • Published On: 12 October, 2018 | Updated On: 12 November, 2021 By Pragyansini Kar

5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

The marketers are always craving for their audiences attention in order to get their client’s product on top. The marketers are always in search of the way to their audience’s heart, which goes through innovation and creativity. Currently videos are ruling the marketing and the audience’s heart. To the extent people watch how-to videos rather than reading the instruction booklet. Audiovisual content is what is gaining mass eyeballs.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing in simple terms means making a video and using to promote your brand or product. A smart and strong marketing will include videos of different things in their campaign, such as customer testimonials, how-to/ explainer videos, live video, training videos and entertainment videos. All this is done to keep the audience engaged in the client’s brand or product.

Types of Marketing Video:

There are so many ways you can mould your video marketing, some of the types of videos that you can use to make your videos for marketing your product or brand:

1. Brand Videos


2. Demo Videos


3. Live Videos for events


4. Explainer Videos


5. Expert Interview Videos


6. Animated Videos


7. Customer Testimonials 


8. Case Studies


9. Virtual Reality Videos


10. Personalized Message Videos


After knowing the types of videos you can experiment with for your marketing strategy, it is essential that you understand the way video marketing works.

How Video Marketing Works?

When you come to think of video marketing, it may seem like a simple task, I mean what do you have to do? Your brand and video production houses such as The Visual house, club together to create videos that discretely promote your company, spread awareness of your service, drives sales or keeps the customers engaged. But however easy it may seem in thought process the reality is different. It is a complicated process in reality, as it requires marketing efforts, content driven videos, monitoring of various metrics and tracking of customer engagement. But the complex process shouldn’t lower your spirits because the benefits and reasons to choose video marketing are plenty. 

Reasons to use Marketing Videos:

If you have been confused all along or are developing new questions as to why you need marketing videos to get sky rocketing sales, the following points will help you know exactly why you need these videos:

1. Video is the Golden Egg for SEO:

Video is that golden egg laid by the goose for SEO, didn’t get what I am saying?? This means that when you use SEO for a particular product, what do you aim for? Backlinks? Getting better search rankings? More traffic on your website? All of this right?? That’s what a marketing video does for you; it helps you to build backlinks, boost organic search rankings and an increased traffic to your website. Another bonus point comes with this benefit, Google is the best search engine where most of your traffic becomes a probable buyer, second to that is YouTube and this too is owned by Google so if you tag properly you are in for a bonanza. So tag your way up that search ranking ladder!

2. Magnify your Conversion Rates: 

The human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster as compared to any text, therefore, it wouldn’t be surprised to know that people love binge watching videos. Videos are entertaining visuals that have a great impact on conversion of leads. Using videos for marketing can help you boost your conversion rates up to 80%. It has also been found that internet user who view videos are more likely to stay on the web page than those not watching, also approximately 60% of these people have high chance to convert on an offer made on your web page.

3. Ease of Access and Maximum Reach:

There are so many platforms where your audience can view your marketing video such as Google, YouTube, television, computer and now smartphones too. You can reach out to your audience from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. These marketing videos help you reach maximum audience so as to enhance your conversion rates and sale.

4. Effectiveness:

Audio- visual information that is information which is both seen as well as heard shows high retention rates for information sometimes up to 80%. On the other hand, if the information is just seen it is about 20% and 10% if the information is heard. The use of video boost retention of the customer pertaining to the information related to product or company, thereby more chances of turning your audience into potential customers.

5. Builds Connection with Audience:

Videos help you to connect with your audience. Video is a form of information and marketing that really gets to the audience and if you have to sell something you need to know what the public wants. Through videos you can explain your products and how they function, you can also tell about yourself and your company, what you do and why you do it. This is also a great platform to answer any queries your customers might have.

So visit a video production house like the visual house to create you your desired marketing video.

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