The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

It's no secret that video representation is one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools in the arsenal of any business today.

If you want to explain how your products and services work, attract new customers, train current customers, or just brush up on your communication style, an animated video is a great choice for your digital marketing team. These short and direct productions are extremely effective when it comes to conveying your message and turning potential customers into customers. In addition, they are an integral part of your branding activities. If you still have doubts about using animated videos in your communication, here are some things to keep in mind

Highlight your personality

The strongest thing you need to turn a regular customer into a loyal customer is your personality. In general, people do not want to be involved with a faceless company. This fact is greatly enhanced in the online environment, where contact is extremely limited. An animated video is a great way to interact with your customers online and make an honest connection.

People like to watch videos

When you spend time online, most people, from consumers to professionals, watch a lot of videos. In fact, this activity is high on the list. This is undoubtedly a good thing for your business as you have a unique opportunity to interact more deeply with potential and loyal customers. At this point, a well-written script is essential; as your animated video should create some sparks on an emotional level and at the same time show why you are the best partner for them. Here are some hard facts about online videos:

• 90% of consumers watch videos online

• People spend 100% more time on a page containing a video

• About 60% of executives prefer to watch a video rather than read a text

• Around 50% of mobile traffic is accounted for by video content consumption

Brand building

One of the best ways to launch a new product or reactivate your business is with an animated high-quality explanatory video. Using animated video production can help your website rank better in Google search, keep customers on your site longer, streamline sales and the launch process, but the only thing that video Animated does better than anything else is to create brand awareness.

But creating a first-rate explanatory video is harder than it seems.

A personalized animated explainer video is a wonderful instrument through which you can grow your brand and your business. By using specific animated characters and colors connected to your audience and brand, you can make your brand grow exponentially while creating a base of followers emotionally attached to it. In the medium and long term, your company will experience revenue growth, as well as brand new ambassadors that were once just regular customers.

Not all animations are created the same. When creating your video, you can choose from many different animation styles. Whiteboard videos, traditional 2D, CGI, motion graphics, stop motion and even VR and augmented reality animations are all options in today's animation market. Each animation style is great for a few things. So make sure you choose the one that fits your sales and marketing goals, but your brand identity. Whiteboard videos are extremely popular and effective for corporate animation and high-density video.

Perfect pitch every time

There is nothing worse than not knowing how to tell people what to do to get it right away. With an explanatory video, you can specify your perfect tone at any time of the day anywhere in the world. You do not even have to be there! If you choose the right partner for explanatory videos, you may get the perfect company history that you can use in pitches, on your website, in email marketing and more.

Growing interest

Social media platforms represent a growing point of interest for many companies when it comes to promoting their products and services. One reason behind this, in addition to the fact that your audience spends a great deal of time in them, is that the content of these platforms consists mainly of videos and images. They can be easily used to increase interest in your products. In fact, a study by 'THE C100' states that more than 70% of Internet users watch videos online, while more than 50% of the population will watch videos in the current year.

Better Google search ranking

In the Google search ranking algorithm, the amount of time a visitor spends on your website is a key ingredient. This is also a reason behind the huge growth of online video. In fact, recent digital Marketing research stated that the websites that contain videos are better classified in the Google search.

When it comes to statistics, websites with tons of block text and images are among the worst ranked in Google search. This translates into a low exposure and a bad experience for the user since the visitor can not quickly understand their services or products. In general, a person spends less than a minute making the decision to buy or not a product. This is another reason behind the success of animated videos since it can catch the attention of the observer in one instance.

Increase the web traffic

A viral video is a video that seems to emerge from nowhere and displays a large number of pictures in no time. The term viral has existed since the beginnings of YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no set formula for going virus, but some products have gained popularity through virus videos.

Regardless of your business, a video is one of the smartest investments you'll ever make. So, what are you waiting for?

Sit down and imagine how your message can really be animated as always we are here to help you.

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Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

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05 February, 2021


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