The Visual House launches #letsdiscuss initiative
  • Published On: 19 October, 2020 | Updated On: 15 March, 2022 By Admin

The Visual House launches #letsdiscuss initiative

In the first series, women answer most asked about questions on menstruation by men.

The Visual House, New Delhi, an award-winning production house and integrated communication agency launches a new series of videos titled #LetsDiscuss

The series experiments by merging the old age practice of discussion with the new-age, post-corona concept of video calls. The series will revolve around a number of people joining in on the video calls to discuss a wide array of subjects. These topics can be something people shy away from, or topics everyone has an opinion on, thus giving the audiences a new perspective to entertain. These videos are going to be a platform for different opinions and life experiences, asking the audience to just engage and discuss.

The first topic in the series that the team has tackled with is Menstruation, #LetsDiscussPeriods. Five women take up on the task to answer 10 questions from men – questions that these men always wanted to ask, but could not. The video sheds a light on the significance of menstrual hygiene thus providing a platform for an open discussion on periods and everything about them.

Commenting on the video, Deepmala, Founder/CEO of The Visual House says” Change can happen not just when women are empowered but even when men are. It is imperative to impart period education to boys. India is a patriarchal society and most buying decisions are taken by head of the family or the husbands. Right knowledge about menstruation in women can help in bringing a change in the attitude of family towards menstruating women. If we all could learn to talk and listen, we would all grow as a society and a country, which is exactly what Let’s Discuss aims to do as well.

About The Visual House:

The Visual House, New Delhi is a fully integrated creative communication agency and corporate Video & Film Production Company in India that helps organizations to manage their brands and connect their target audiences effectively. At TVH, we blend the insights of consulting with the execution to provide long-term communication solutions to our clients. Our work spans across a multitude of the genres, clients and socio-culture issue and themes. TVH clientele includes UNICEF, WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UN WOMEN, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, NACO, Droom, ITC Limited, BCG India to name a few.


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Published on ‘The Visual House’ launches #letsdiscuss initiative  ‘THE VISUAL HOUSE’ LAUNCHES #LETSDISCUSS, AN INITIATIVE TO START A CONVERSATION AROUND SERIOUS ISSUES AND THE LIGHT ‘The Visual House' launches #LetsDiscuss, an initiative to start a conversation around serious issues and the light ‘THE VISUAL HOUSE’ LAUNCHES #LETSDISCUSS, AN INITIATIVE TO START A CONVERSATION AROUND SERIOUS ISSUES AND THE LIGHT  ‘The visual house’launches #LETSDISCUSS

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