Mistakes Made by Most Experienced Film Makers
  • Published On: 20 June, 2018 | Updated On: 10 December, 2021 By Pragyansini Kar

Mistakes Made by Most Experienced Film Makers

Experienced film makers can give us awesome content in the form of a beautifully created movie yet sometimes there are chances when they are stressed up because of lots and lots of work that might make them go off track and hamper production.  We bifurcate these performance issues into two main categories:

1. Behavioral

2. Technical

BEHAVIORAL:  Human behavior is not seen to everybody and it can be even unknown to the self which can have negative effects on objectives.  These are:

1. Arrogance:  Don’t just drive your superiority over your subordinates.  Be bold in the decision and relate it to everybody how to work out a project.  But throwing your tantrums without directions and guidance to the staff would be short lived and be a moral disgrace to the team.  This attitude will hit their motivation and communication gaps will develop.

2. No arrangement for crew:  Often making a movie requires day and night schedules and quite a lot of traveling with the team.  There could also be extended shoots after a tiring one.  It is the film maker’s responsibility to arrange for his crew like good food, shelter to stay and easy travel facility.  A hunger ridden staff is less than half the potential utilized.

3. Getting friends for help:  Being a director, you can call your unwilling friends to help you out in a film but then you feel bad if those friends are being asked for assistance by your staff.  In that case, you end up taking care of their tantrums and give your production a miss.

4. Staying up all night:  Staying busy is a good sign of business but sleepless nights often take a toll on your crucial decisions as you are still exhausted and you lose to make those crucial decisions required at the time of judgment.

TECHNICAL:  Film making also requires to cover technical aspects because in total, you need to be very calculative and precise in decision making when instruments, delegation decisions and shoot locations need to be planned.

1. Unplanned shoot:  Proper planning before each shoot ensures time and crew usage but an unplanned event will mess things up, create a situation wherein the staff would not know exactly how to go ahead and so, the day and money will go wasted.

2. Failure to delegate:  A common mistake a filmmaker does it not to define the part of work responsibility to each person.  If each task is accounted for, say equipment procurement and setup by technicians, designs to be readied by costume designer a movie can be completed before its scheduled time.

3. Equipment not ready:  Coming on the sets with a discharged battery or an untested camera can make things worse and destroy the whole day.  If you need a shot from a height but your supporting gadgets are missing, then you have to delay.

4. Working without proper equipment:  If you don’t know exactly why you must avoid your old camera or sound recorder as their output is minimal, then you got to be kidding.  The result will be a negative.

It is perhaps equally important to clean your lens before each shoot.  Just by avoiding some attitude problems and getting aware of your technical skills will help you get rid of mistakes that most experienced filmmakers in delhi do.

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