How to set up a New Production House?
  • Published On: 05 May, 2021 | Updated On: 12 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

How to set up a New Production House?

A production house has a group of team members who together help in creating video content like feature films, music videos, short videos, social media videos, corporate videos, commercial videos, promotional videos, animated content or anything related to the media field. Any video production company produces either of the two projects – one is the in-house project, which they create within their production house using their creativity; the other is the client-based projects for which they are hired.

To handle a production house isn’t an easy task altogether as it demands a lot of knowledge, time, energy and specific goals to work inflow. Not only this, an individual can’t run a production house, it is always the team effort that makes it count for any successful project output. Be it a full-fledged production house or any post-production house, one needs to have expertise in running the company in the best possible way. But how to set up the production house? What are the pointers to keep in mind before you plan into this venture? What do you need to ensure to establish your business for a production house?

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Beginning into any new business needs thorough research! If you have a proper market analysis for your new journey, to begin with, you can handle things easily. Prior knowledge helps you in a better understanding of the market rules and policies that are followed by all. Also, it helps us in getting updated trends and facts about how the production house business is working currently in the industry.

The next step is to determine your company’s niche! What sort of content expertise you have or specialize in to go ahead with? Deciding on what content will work best for your production house matters a lot as that is the source of your target audience. Which type of videos and which genre-specific you are planning to move with, helps in creating a correct base to approach clients and also your target audience.

Production House Name! Go for such a name that states your company’s identity, is memorable and helps you in making a proper mark in the market. Also, make sure that the name you choose isn’t already taken up by any other company or organization. Then you can apply for the trademark for the same.

Moving on to the next part is your business plan! A business plan for any production house is a crucial matter of concern. Strategic and solid planning is required keeping in mind the finances that you will be using for setting up the business. Plan in such a manner that your startup begins as a small business at first and then expands into a huge one. Ensure that costing involves not only your startup costs but also your labor costs, office space and federal taxes. And this doesn’t end up here! You also need to draft a summary of your company goals, your plan to get profit from the video production house, where do you see your production house in the coming years and your business opportunities.

 The next step is selecting your team members! As per your feasibility, you need to decide whether to hire full-time employees for your production house or opt for freelancers in the first place according to your financial stability and your business plan. From directors to scriptwriters to editors and cinematographers, you need to plan who will be a part of your company either for long or short term. This also includes any business partners you are planning to join up with for the better growth and success of your business. And not to forget, a production accountant too!

After this, you need to focus on your production house website and social media presence. Your digital and online presence has a huge value in the current environment of the industry. The wider reach you have the better results you get for your production house.

You need to have production house insurance as accidents may happen with anyone at any moment. So this policy will be of great help in case of any accidents or injuries while filming anything.

Funding and proof of your concept projects to matter. Along with that, your client networking has the maximum impact on your business. Better networking skills and timely delivery of your project lead to the best results.

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