Everything you Need to Know About Marketing your Explainer Videos
  • Sep 07, 2020 by Pragyansini Kar
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For many businesses explainer videos are becoming the main tool to communicate with their existing consumers along with the target audience. And why not? They not only can provide information, but at the same time, best explainer video companies make sure that they are also quite engaging, when it comes to building client-consumer relationships. If you are looking for the best explainer video company in Delhi NCR, then The Visual House is just the perfect place for you. Being a wholesome explainer video production house, we will also like to give you amazing marketing tips for your explainer videos. While understanding your target and their interest is a must thing to do in any marketing situation, following points will help you understand the different platforms and methods which can enhance your reach.

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  1. If you have an explainer video, then without thinking any further, you should post it on your company’s website. While you have all the information on the different pages of your site, most of the visitors won’t spend much time reading all the content, instead through explainer video, you can easily let them know about your business and services in next to no time. It will also generate more interest as; it will boost the appeal of the site and will help in optimizing your site in search engines.
  2. While you may want the explainer video to be published only on your site, ignoring platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can really do more harm than good. With a huge number of daily visitors these websites will give you additional viewers, which otherwise, might have not visited your website directly.
  3. Another way to use the explainer videos is sharing them through e-mail with the audience. While marketing through e-mail is an old technique, it’s still relevant even these days. Doing this will not only will make the receiver more interested in your conversation, it will also help you get a better rate of retention among your audience. What you can do is limit the text of your e-mail and do your presentation through a well-planned explainer video. This type of campaign is bound to get far better results than traditional only text based email format.
  4. In this day and age, where social media is the prime source of information and entertainment, you must not forget to plan a social media based marketing strategy for your explainer videos. With a huge number of active users, social media should be your perfect ally for reaching out to your target audience. One of the interesting points that you must understand is that, you should not make a video just filled with information, instead, information should come along with an entertainment factor, which will engage more social media users.
  5. Last but not least, several web portals like Reddit and Quora are also immensely popular among internet users, so you can distribute your videos through them. But you must be a little bit careful and make sure that you do not spam anybody and instead, you must offer your videos as answers to any query or problem asked by the audience.
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