Steps to Choosing the Best 3D Animation Video Production Company
  • Published On: 26 August, 2021 | Updated On: 13 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

Steps to Choosing the Best 3D Animation Video Production Company

What is a 3D animation?

Bringing characters, props and other objects like vehicles and other instruments into motion and adding life into them is what 3D animation is all about within the frames of television, games or videos or films. The computer animation uses the 3D graphics in creating motion in 2D animated objects that gives the look and feel of three dimensions. Now, these 3D objects are created first and then they will be manipulated within the 3D software. With the help of these manipulations, we get to see that 3D objects are in motion in a certain suitable environment that is set.

How to create a 3D animation video?

The beginning of the 3D animation video starts with concepts and storyboarding. Conceptualization and storyboards translate the ideas into a visual representation which makes it easier for one to understand the happenings in a video. Next is Animatic, which helps in getting a better idea about the motion and timing of complex animation sequences or heavy scenes of VFX within the VFX studios. This helps the animator in planning and integrating visual effects in the final shot. After this, we move on to 3D modelling, where the environment, props, and characters are built. Next, we move on to texturing, where colours, textures and designs are added to the 3D models. Texturing artists are responsible for writing shades and panting textures as per the scene requirements, whether they are creating from scratch or editing the existing image. After this we move on to the critical stage rigging, where the structure is added to the characters, thus adding movement and life to it.

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Next step is of animation, where movement is given to the objects on frame by frame basis. Then we move on to lighting, which helps in creating realism and visual appeal to the characters and objects followed by a camera setting, where, unlike the real world, one can create impossible perspectives and travel anywhere you desire to be. Next, we go to rendering, compositing and special VFX, where post the renders, edit, touch up and special effects are added to the files. After this we add music and Foley to make the animation more appealing. After this final output is taken out post the editing is complete before being delivered to the client.

How to choose best 3D animation video production company?

The basic thing to consider before opting for any 3D animation video production company is to check their portfolio and their showreels. While you study the portfolio of any animation company, it will give you an insight of what sort of work, what quality and what standards do they deliver. Also, it helps in evaluating the company to be the best 3D animation video production company or not. Next is you should have clarity on the tools and software they use in creating the video. Then get the clarity over the style the animation company uses as in whether they work on cartoons or realistic one and along with that the customization and designs are fully implemented according to the client’s desire. Next, you need to understand who will work on your project and are they experienced well enough or new beginners. Check the testimonials or previous client’s feedback regarding their work and timeliness. Also, notice their passion for the work as that matters the most. Uniqueness is also a vital part of any 3D animation video production company, which should b checked before finalizing any company.

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