How to Create Videos with Special Effects Seamlessly

Watching 80-year-old Amitabh Bachchan in “PAA” playing the role of a 13-year-old progeria child? Or Stuntmen doing Incredible Stunts without safety measures and how can we forget, “Akshay Kumar” playing the weird-looking villain in Robot 2. O? Isn’t it amazing. How the whole event is happening in the real world, with real characters and makes us believe their story with different looks as if they are real.

But all that we see is not real, there is something else that makes unrealistic things real, creates monsters, and also helps stuntmen to make incredible stunts that could be out of our imagination. And the masterstrokes behind it are Special effects and Visual effects.

Special effects and visual effects are part of an illusion that is produced with the help of computer software or by replacing real objects with fake that can be edited during post-production.

What is SFX in movies and videos?

Georges Méliès, the pioneer of special effects, used different contraptions and artistic methods to deliver innovative film work in the early twentieth century. However, as one would imagine, technology has evolved significantly since then!

Modern special effects include a dizzying assortment of devices, prosthetics, make-up, animatronics, and pyrotechnics that lend dramatic and spectacular touches to productions. All of these are used throughout the filmmaking. In essence, special effects are mechanical or artificial means of augmenting the visual experience of the audience that are applied in real-time.

What is VFX in movies and videos?

VFX is the modification of video in post-production combining creative abilities and cutting-edge editing technology. It's a low-cost approach to improving video for broadcast. Visual effects software and expertise generate extraordinarily realistic and seamless results. Today, the usage of VFX in videos, movies and television shows is amazing, and it has expanded and advanced significantly over the decades. Visual effects in a typical adventure film might range from spaceships soaring through the sky to magical animal motions that are produced in post-production using a computer. VFX is primarily concerned with one of three visual effect categories: computer-generated
imagery, compositing, and motion capture, all of which play a significant role in the outcomes and films that we see today.


Video special effects seem real but it is just part of the illusion that is designed by professionals, with the help of SFX, an artist can create an avatar. It could be a monster or a weird face, or just the imagination of the writer. These characters are used in videos just to simulate the imagined characters and it is done in reality while shooting the segment. The best example of special effects is the film AVATAR, where you can see creators that are created with the help of visual special effects.

Whereas visual effects abbreviated as VFX combine live feeds and create visuals digitally. The VFX is a good replacement for shooting carnivorous animals. When we are planning to shoot such complicated scenes or sequences in our videos like lion fighting, we can opt for VFX because choosing real lions would be risky, expensive, impractical, time-consuming, or impossible to capture.

Let us understand with the help of examples how VFX takes place in shooting a complicated scene. If you want to shoot the lions fighting, then the VFX professional uses an artificial object or dummy, during production to make it real. At the time of editing, it is converted into real during post-production with the help of editing software.

What are the types of special effects and types of visual effects

There are various forms of visual and special effects that can be used to enhance your brand and business videos. These effects can increase sales by leaving a positive
impression and strengthening your brand. The effects have a vast library but for reference, we will explain a few categories else are in pointers.

  • Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

CGI is abbreviated as computer-generated imagery, it helps to generate visual content either still or animated. The term is also referred to as 3D computer graphics because it is used to create 3D characters, scenes, and objects. When it comes to portraying some unique concepts not only does the film industry use CGI even advertising companies also prefer CGI.

  • Green Screen VFX and Compositing Motion Capture

Chroma shot is another name for green screen visual effects. In green screen VFX, we shoot the video in a green background, and with the help of the keying in
post-production, we can modify the background as we are supposed to make it.

  • Animatics and Storyboarding

An animatic, in its most basic form, is essentially a rough draft of a video or a sequence made up of straightforward storyboarded panels—rough sketches of each shot in a sequence—that are timed out to a makeshift soundtrack is referred to as animatics and storyboarding.


Animation video is the process by which we can create any scene with the help of computers and software without shooting the actual one. These are the few best visual effects.

In addition to this, there are a few other special effects that can be used to create interactive engagement and brand commercials.

  • Motion stills,
  • Stop-motion animation,
  • Matte paintings,
  • Miniatures,
  • Doubling,
  • Texturing
  • Pipeline,
  • Motion graphics,
  • and transition effects.

How does a corporate video production company use SFX and VFX to attract the target audiences?

The effects are often used in filmmaking but currently, it's also used in corporate and brand videos to promote the business and reach the target audience more effectively.
Anybody who wants to show their brand vividly can use the VFX to tell the worth of their product. For example, VFX can be used in teaser videos, demo videos, explainer videos, promotion videos as well as corporate videos.

Trends in visual effects and special effects in brand videos

Brand videos also need to incorporate strong visuals, sound effects, and audio logos. These elements help promote videos, from explainers to training, branding to commercial videos, and many more.

Video production companies include these effects to make your brand or corporate video appealing to the set of the right audience group.

Why is it vital to incorporate VFX and SFX nowadays?

Training videos frequently fail to maintain trainees' attention. Similarly, commercial brand videos or video demos do not engage the audience as much as they could right individuals, you may have engaging writing, but the video does not land effectively. This is owing to the videos' lack of visual and special effects. If you're seeking another way to advertise your company or your goods, you can use special effects and visual effects in your video to get the attention of your target markets.

A creative agency can help you to make commercial videos, explainer videos, demo videos, and teaser videos effective. As we know video production houses are increasing faster that's why before selecting a corporate video production company for VFX and SFX you have to be selective. Choose a creative agency that focuses on clients' needs and has a deep knowledge of how special effects work.

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