Creating Client Engagement Using Animated Explainer Videos
  • Published On: 26 December, 2021 | Updated On: 09 December, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

Creating Client Engagement Using Animated Explainer Videos

As we have previously discussed, Animated Explainer Videos and how they are a great source for business, whether you are an MNC or just a start-up but do you still wonder that whether these videos will be beneficial in bringing you more clients, will it keep your clients or prospects engaged, or will get your desired Return on Investment from videos?

Animated explainer videos are a good ladder for your client’s engagement. Yes, you read that right! Marketing via animated explainer videos is an important aspect nowadays. If you have the edge over your competitors and want your customers and prospects to know it, why not tell your story through an animated video? Many organizations find it challenging to communicate their products or services and USPs to their customers or prospects. If you are one of them, then Animated Explainer Video is the correct type of video you should start with. Merely in less than 2 minutes, you can tell everything you want to. It is a perfect example of a video that will keep your clients engaged and won’t hamper your budget. So, a good animated explainer video production company will consistently deliver the best output keeping in mind the creativity and the marketing and sales purpose.

Why should businesses use animated explainer videos? 

Few more reasons why businesses should use animated explainer videos.

  • They are ideal for all industries where other types of video or advertising strategies make it tough to convey and sell a product or service.
  • Lively animated characters and eye-catching cartoons elicit powerful emotions and create a unique environment that engages and catches the attention of an audience.
  • Scripts aren't the only thing that may be used in an animated explainer video which makes it possible to create creative storylines.

Engagement through Animated Explainer Video

Let us see how animated explainer video adds value to your business’ marketing plan and approach:

  • Visitor engagement - No organization can achieve its goals unless it grabs its customers' attention. To achieve your goals, stand out from the competition, and be in business for a long time, you must capture your users' attention. Animated explainer videos can be a very effective way to boost user engagement. By including this type of content on your website or landing pages you can make a human connection with your users. As a result, you'll see increased click-through rates, more engagement and conversions, increased visibility, and enhanced campaign efficiency.
  • Increase brand awareness - You only need a few seconds to create strong brand awareness because a short but powerful logo animation may evoke an emotional response and leave a lasting impression. Short animated explainer videos have the potential to go viral and reach a large audience. As a result, using an animated video for brand identification is helpful in terms of brand awareness and adding recall value.
  • Generate leads and conversions - Without having to make any significant adjustments, animation is a terrific approach to reach out to new audiences. People who generally are not interested in watching videos will shift and switch to your animated videos as the more engaging your animation will be and the more clear the message it conveys, the more probable it is that you will attract some potential leads who will become clients soon.
  • Present your product and services - An animated video is also a great way to explain how your product or service works while simultaneously making people laugh. Not only do they contribute to bringing potential consumers into the sales funnel but they can be used to describe how the product works in the simplest terms possible. Furthermore, they can also be used as campaign material to introduce the product in to the market.

There are plenty of animated explainer video companies existing but you need to find out the correct one for your business. So what are you thinking about? Which one should you go for? We are here for you, The Visual House, one of the best animated video production company that will take care of everything right from the ideation to delivering you the best final video. Connect now!

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