How to Hire a Corporate Event Production House
  • Published On: 08 February, 2018 | Updated On: 27 June, 2022 By Pragyansini Kar

How to Hire a Corporate Event Production House

Hiring a corporate event planner or a production house doesn’t seem to be a daunting task but surely it becomes a nightmare if you don’t get follow some very specific details as to how you recognize a good corporate house.

There are many production companies in the world and when we talk about India, Mumbai is the hub of all movie makers.  Whilst most production houses serve to be wonderful event organizers but identifying the one who is a genuine, experienced and fits your budget is a hard thing to cover.  Definitely you have to reserve some time sourcing the best event planners and screening them carefully before committing to one for your company event.

Once you have a project at hand, objective comes foremost.  When you have specific goals for which you are investing your precious amount, the same these your event should materialize.  Before the hiring, calculate your budget you're working with, the reason for hiring externally, and the available candidates to carry the job forward.

You need to identify some useful points to choose the best event planner create a successful event:

Objective and Need for Event Planner:

Before setting up the budget, first define your objective to hold the event.  Is it so important to spend money on that task?  Will it be fruitful after a successful event? These questions are important to share as would the goals of event be.  Be ready to calculate beforehand as there would be plenty of time to make adjustments later.

Theme:  Every event must carry a theme for the purpose of its creation.  Idea conceptualization to hold the theme and what message you intend to signify at your event is crucial.  It is also vital to handle the external services through a responsible person on your behalf.

Planner:  A good planner will help you borderline near what budget has to be maintained.  Experienced planners can help select the venue and also build the menus about food and beverage options, audio arrangement and screens for program output, onsite volunteers and important communication documents like invitations and guest list.  But to find an experienced event planner, search someone who holds a strong repute within the community of event planners.

Publish:  We can also look into journal or dictionary of professional membership groups and seek assistance for both National as well as the International Special Events Society.  Also check the publisher to authenticate accurate results.  The local body of Chamber of Commerce is also an ideal place where you can have genuine planners.

Discussion:  Devoting some time in exchanging ideas and experience with detail briefing and projects at hand, the planner can show important light about his experience so you can sort out the best from the list.  This may include information about their business, experience with past events, and how they plan for contingencies and the applicant's response.

Curiosity:  Good planners often are curios to discuss about your event's overall objectives, timeline, budget, guest count and anything that skips your mind because they are acquainted with the concept and forthcoming obstacles beforehand, so they make a good preparation to handle the event.  Face-to-face meetings definitely prove more beneficial to measure their rapport.

Comparison:  You have the budget but the planner's calculation is different.  Based on your event objectives and your study of expenditure, you could arrive at a figure and then ask for the organizer's financial plan.  If the planner has a higher budget, the deviation can be studied with him and the extra spending asked for.  So disclosure of all of his costs and potential sources of how the total cost will be covered and included in the budget is very structural.  Event planner fees will vary from planner to planner so budget setup must be done at present.

Legal standing:  As a party to event, you will be asked to provide advance deposits, paperwork and contract attestation.  But before doing so, is to seek professional legal expertise because once you are bound by a legal contract without whats abrogated in the deed, you might be at the losing end or miss some important arrangements in the event planned.

Corporate event production is a very hectic job and many small companies show an identical picture about their performance.  Doing the above study along with candidate's references, reviews on internet will display their performance.  So without substantial follow-through and information, event management can be a failure when the event planner you hired is not responsible for the event.  For this reason, working closely with the planner or producer ensures every element of the production goes off without troubles.

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