Top Ten Things You Never Want To Hear From Your Video Production Company

The entire video production company is the same, right?

Video Production Company in Delhi is growing in its importance as part of the overall marketing mix of the company. This growth is accompanied by a specialization, a complexity and a series of problems that many customers may or may not know about a video production company in Delhi.

Here are the top 10 things you do not want to hear from your video production company:-

1. “We do not really understand the web, social media or marketing.'

The majority of corporate videos are delivered exclusively or predominantly on the web today. Creating a video for the web is not the same as creating a video for broadcast, or for entertaining or for presenting an event. The types of viewing are very different online. You should also look at the delivery platforms, hosting options, interaction, conversion techniques, social media aspects of the video, and many other factors that are unique on the Web.

2. 'We do a little bit of everything: websites, SEO, PR, graphic design, advertising, printing,  ... and video.'

The market will always support a range of generalists and specialists serving the same audience. However, a good rule is that if the number of services offered by a company is greater than the number of employees, you might consider a second quote.

3. “We have no error, omission, general liability insurance”:

What could possibly go wrong? One of the crew members leads to a customer, forgets to get a signed license, uses licensed material that you do not have permission for, a light falls on someone ... etc. Chances are, it will not go wrong, but if you would work better with a company that is well insured. The standard insurance coverage for a video production company is $ 1,000,000 for errors and omissions and general liability.

4. 'We only do corporate videos to pay the bills, we prefer to watch TV. '

Very few people go to video because they want to help companies sell more products or services. In general, cinema or television is the goal, business work is exactly what bills pay. Although there are a number of large companies that both work very well, if your video production company is not working under the direction of an advertising agency or a marketing company or is not specializing in the video marketing, you should not be surprised.

5. 'Many people are working on your video project.'

They met the president of the company and his senior team - they all seemed very enthusiastic. Will everyone work on your project? Each service-based organization works with a form of distributed work model. It's up to you as a customer to make sure you get the best people working on your video project. If you are not sure, ask ... in front.

6. “We have not really focused on business results, but we think this video could be rewarded. '

Creative work is wonderful when it serves a business purpose. Otherwise, you have wasted your money. Very few awards from industry consider business results in their selection criteria - which is unfortunate because only business results are important.

7. 'We can still withdraw money from pre-production if you need to reduce the price.'

It's like saying, 'We can raise funds from the design and architecture phases of houses.' In pre-production, the total value of your video is created. This is the last place where you want to cut.

8. 'No, we do not need a script or a storyboard, we want our work to evolve.'

If you do not know what to shoot and why you will probably end up spending time and money on the video. A script tells you which important messages need to be communicated in your video. Although this is a video testimonial project, you should look for ideas rather than coincidence. If you do not have a storyboard, how do you know what to shoot?

9. 'Do you want this thing to become viral?

This is a way of asking, 'Should we say that we are writing for you?' Viral is not just a lucky success - it's part of a specific plan built into your project right from the start. If your goal is for your video to be shared by thousands or millions of people, you need to include something in your video that should be shared by others and then you have to spend a lot of money to promote it. 

10. 'We have used the same equipment over the past five years.'

As video technology that is hardware, software, broadcast systems changes dramatically each month, it is hard to imagine that a business will not benefit from many cost savings and improvements in the production of the quality video.

Future of digital platforms
Future of digital platforms

05 February, 2021


05 February, 2021


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