How Do Ad Films Create An Impact On Audience?
  • Dec 31, 2018 by Pragyansini Kar
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Ad films have come a long mile since they started and gradually, have been captivating audience by means of interesting and evolving cinematography. There has been a spurt in the advertisement baseline that initially started in soaps but started to have their influence on news media too. Through innovative tactics, the ad world has become a strong communicative factor with the viewers.

They are the persuasive kind which have been ruling this earth much before the internet came into existence. Although bad scripted or cheaply directed ads could be forgotten easily, we remember exciting, engaging ads for years to come.

Today, almost everything is sold by promotion on TV and mobiles, the only source being advertisement. Our marketing strategies have changed these years and so the techniques. More CGI and graphics like MAYA 3D is being used to making the ad more thrilling, captivating and adventurous.

To an extent, ads also serve as a mirror to judge a product. We are prone to selection but advertisements can show us some important benefits of purchase since they are focused more on its quality than appeal. The viewer can be the expected customer when merits of a product are clearly distinguished.

However, ads also require a bit of lifeline. Effective advertisement means choice of a prime time where viewership is high. When aired at the right time, the TV advertised product can have many buyers. Documentaries and social/art films shown at such time have effective campaigning results. We also find charity programs during peak hours get positive results like, ads asking for monetary help for flood victims to PM relief fund, short films on defecation free sanitation etc. These endorsements boost nation building.

Although video ads have brought about true renaissance of culture modification, they induce people too much on material things by emotionally connecting with the masses. Sometimes, the valued product could not be worthy of appeal and yet it may find many takers also. Certainly, prompting someone to buy a product may not be always a good thing if it is hidden by strong profit making intention. In India, there are many sects in society that practice vegetarianism, however, some promotions do endorse a product that could contain edible animal ingredients and yet forwarded to the customer as a veg product. We have seen this in many public petitions.

There is a superficial world out altogether. Eating healthy and staying fit is the objective we always learn from our parents. But famous video companies have opened entry to fast food giants like McDonalds and made us habitual of this junk even though their nutritional value is zero.

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